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Now Learn Java script with your own choice of book at Revolunet . On this website Book owner publish their book for online reading.Here is a no of book available of java script,HTML5, CSS,JQuery and many more web designing books. I found this website when i search for java script book.I really Impress on this website. I more impressive things with this website is that they Hire talented web developer in paris, France.This website is linked with Github ( a online programming testing website, On this website i make my facebook app)  

Why You Need to Learn Java Script  

Java Script language is like global variable in programming , One time make script and use that in anywhere in pages. For a good programmer this is very powerful tools.Java Script make web designing  easy and good looking.In Suppose you make your own website page and make a

in which you fill code of background image,background color, a line etc and you want to use this in anywhere page that either you copy-paste that code or you can use script of that code . For example in my blog right sidebar is made using script of same color

So you learn java script for making beautiful website in small code

Here is a lot of java script tutorial books available 


4 responses to “Learn Java Script With Free books by revolunet”

  1. Thanks for it . Just confused if by books I would understand better or by any coaching as I am basically not a programmer and I am comparatively new to Java technology , so I was wondering what all topics should be covered up if i have to start java from the start and has any one
    studied or got any info regarding this 6 week java training online course http://www.wiziq.com/course/12145-the-6-week-complete-java-primer-with-training-certificate and should we also have knowledge of C language before we further move on to Advance Java topics??

  2. We love it. The books are all pretty good too. You are welcome sumit kher I love those free books too! free books.thanks

  3. Hey sumit kher,
    c language and java are two different languages so you only need to know how to make logic not the syntax of c or c++. And i have taken http://www.wiziq.com/course/12145-the-6-week-complete-java-primer-with-training-certificate this course and it worked for me. It is really nice course and i think you should give it a shot.

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