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How to maintain SEO by yoast green light indicator

Most important tips for #wordpress #yoast plugin user to how to maintain #wordpress-seo yoast green light indicator for make post SEO compatible.Seo by yoast wordpress plugin update to version 2.3 & add new features with yoast post overview that show how much your post have yoast green light indicator means good post & how much bad with red indication.Also added a search console feature in plugin that show you crawling error in your website. This plugin is good and this force author to write post as yoast indicator light goes to green,When this goes to green means your post is Best for search. Some people try to maintain this to green but this still goes to yellow only.I am also sometimes try this for green. This still stop to yellow due to some problem in post , So how we improve that and how we know exact problem is ?

Basic steps for using SEO in post:

  1. Find a keyword for your post that you are going to write >Use long tail keyword
  2. Find also related keyword with low competition>here is list best tool to find keyword
  3. Write focus keyword in 1-2 line of post.
  4. Post should have related keyword in phrase.
  5. Write at-least 2 heading in post.
  6. Insert image post.

Here is few step’s to get yoast green light indicator in yoast seo plugin

Getting yoast green light indicator is easy to show by just write same focus keyword as post title & more then 300 word but that is not good.

  1. Write focus keyword:Important to get seo compatibility of post , you must write right focus keyword that you are going to focus to get visitors by post.Suppose you are write about “how to learn php programming” then your focus keyword is “learn php programming”.
  2. Word Count of post :Write your post with word of min. 300 , but good if you write-500 word & best if you write 1000 word & better to write 1000+.This is on you that how much you know about that article & what skill have you to write article of post.A professional blogger write 1000+ word to get in 1st page of google search.
  3. Keyword strength: Write keyword in post by 2-3 times that you focus . Also write related keywords in phrase of post because sometimes if people not write same keyword & write related to that then you must write related keyword in post to stand on 1st page of google.
  4. Image add in post with alt text :Add alt tag in image that you are insert in post & i suggest you to write schema mark-up in image. itemprop=“image”
    schema article image
  5. Add outbound link :In the post you must add outbound links if possible that must by relevant to post & avoid common anchor text like “click here”,”go here”,”go to”,”link” etc. because google bot get them as you want to focus visitor to click on that link.
  6. Choose category and write Tags according to your post
  7. Set featured image of your post
  8. Now publish your post and again come to again edit postyoast green light indicator
  9. Now in wordpress SEO by yoast page analysis check your page, if your indication is yellow
  10. If your content is less then 300 increase them and again update your post and check indication
  11. Other then this your post have inbound link remove this and try again updatecontent analysis


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  5. all green signals means you have better on page seo?

    1. Yes, of course green indication means you have write best seo post.But should be followed above steps to make green indication.

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