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SEO (Search engine optimization ) is not much more important for blog writer because in the blog content is make keyword for search engine but as possible as you full-fill seo requirement for search engine , i show you which is important for SEO optimized website.
If you use blogger you must check seo for blogger.
If you have any Question then write in SEO discussion
If you are a SEO Expert then give answer of few questions 

Meta teg: 

This is so important for your blog because search engine always index your site by meta tegs . In the meta teg many things we can write but there is some important things which you must write-
Meta keyword- this will help search engine to find your blog easy
Meta description – This will show actually your blog is made for in brief.
Meta author- this define your author name on search engine

Index website in search engine :

Indexing your site in search engine is important for telling your post keyword to search engine.
Google index:-Web-master
Yahoo index:-
Bing index:-


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