Movie review ratings show on google search

You have movie review ratings website and want to show my all movie when search on google show rating also, then you are coming to write way. Here i show you how this will be done in you website.

review rating

Rating show according to you website rate. For e.g Imdb

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review rating 2review rating 3

Here both website show different rating and reviews. SO now how you can show for your website, here you go..

Some properties given by google for show rating on your page search

Property Description
itemreviewed(item) The item being reviewed. In microformats, can include the name of the item reviewed (fn).
rating A numerical quality rating for the item (for example, 4). You can indicate a rating scale by specifying best (default: 5) and worst(default: 1). More information about review ratings.
reviewer The author of the review.
dtreviewed The date that the item was reviewed in ISO date format.
description The body of the review.
summary A short summary of the review.

Here is example of rating of L’Amourita Pizza.

 <div>  L’Amourita Pizza
Reviewed by Ulysses Grant on Jan 6.
Delicious, tasty pizza on Eastlake!
L'Amourita serves up traditional wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza, 
brought to your table promptly and without fuss. An ideal neighborhood pizza joint.
Rating: 4.5


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