Pinterest Marketing Strategies That boost website traffic

Pinterest Marketing Strategies That boost website traffic

Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks site ever but how you use this for your website traffic generation. Small businesses as well as big ones are deriving large amounts of traffic from it. And if you have a business which involves a lot of visual work, it’s high time you started to take advantage of this image-centric social platform. It is a huge opportunity for businesses to create brand awareness and drive sales out of it.

There are two things you should know if you are started to taking Pinterest seriously: Pinterest mostly has a female target audience and it works on the concept of stunning images.Pinterest Marketing Strategies That boost website traffic

This post covers the basic as well as advanced strategies so that you make your presence count on it:

  • Complete profile

    Before you get started with uploading pins and making boards, make sure that you have a complete profile. Upload your headshot, type in your name and add the link of your website. A crucial step which most people miss here is that they don’t verify their website. Do it. You can even link your profile to Facebook, Google and Twitter. Then write the summary and draft it carefully.

  • Organized look

    It is very important that you present a clean layout on your Pinterest page. Choose catchy titles which spell out uniqueness. Select the cover images of your boards carefully. If those images aren’t attractive, they will not compel users to click on your board. One thing you can do here is to make the most popular post/image as the cover image of your brand. You can even include keywords in your description. And do you know that the latest pin is the largest image?

  • Take stunning images

    It’s imperative that you own a decent digital camera so that you are able to capture beautiful shots and get attention. If you still do not own one, use shopclues coupons present on and get one for yourself at discounted prices. The more attractive your image is, the more are the chances of its viewership and a customer coming to know about your brand through it.

  • Create exciting content

    Taking amazing shots isn’t enough. How you present them also matters a lot. There are a countless number of images clicked by high-tech cameras but not all of them capture attention. Ensure that your photograph is accompanied with a clear text that describes what your product or post is about. Or include the title in the description below so that people know what they are in for when they will click on the post. Make attractive titles which arouse curiosity and make users click on your posts.pinterest image

  • Keep in mind the frequency

    Promoting a business on Pinterest is hard work. It might seem easy at first but as the days go by, you will realize it’s not as easy as you thought. One of the most common mistakes which people make here is leave it mid-way due to disappointment. Don’t do that. Be consistent with your frequency. Update your board at least 3-4 times a day. Download the app so that you are able to do so frequently. In fact, make use of eBay coupons via CashKaro. com and get a new smart phone which offers a blazing fast speed so that you have a smooth experience while doing this and other activities.

  • Hold contests and giveaways

    Contests and giveaways are a great way of gaining users and attracting attention. Both of them can include additional entries in the form of one point on becoming a follower on Twitter, two points for liking your brand’s Facebook page, five points for becoming an active subscriber of your website and so on. You need to do a proper planning before holding one and decide the purpose behind it. If you want to hold one just for fun, don’t include many costly prizes. However, if you aim to make your brand bigger and following large; increase the bar of your giveaways by offering something unique to your customers.

pinterest look

Hope these marketing tips help you make the most of your Pinterest account to mark strong online presence of your brand.


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