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Hello Friends I Think  You Are Thinking That Youtube Is Only For Watch Video But I Am Going To Tell You That You Can Play Games On Youtube.Actually I Found Only Two Games That Can Play On Youtube One Is Snake And Other Is Missile command

So Lets See How To Play Both games On YouTube

Play Missile Command Game On YouTube




In This Game You Have To Prevent Your Video From Destroy. So To play This Game Click On Any Video
Now Pause Video And press  1980 You see a screen Like Above image Now Click On Continue And Prevent Your Video From
Destroy Enjoy! Here Is A Another Article  On Best Tricks For YouTube.

Play Snake Game On YouTube



Snake Game Is Very Old And Famous Game You can Also Play It in You Tube.To Play This Game First Click On Any Video And After Few Secing of Click Click on pause booton When Black Screen Is Applear on Youtube player.After Pause  Prees Left Or upper key to start the game You See A Snake And A bite on Screen As You See In Your Mobiles Snake Game.

Don’t touch the snake with edge of the video player Because After this You Game Is Over You Need To Restart The Game.

Ok!Thats It Here Only Two Games But As Quikly We About another Games We Will Update Or You Can also Tell us In Comments 🙂



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