How to Post Automatic on Facebook with Auto Poster tool

Are you a Blogger or Digital Marketer? If yes then this will help you to grow your business without any cost.The free Facebook auto poster tool will help you in this matter.On Facebook 1.9 billion people active monthly.So every business can get good growth with Facebook post share.But the main thing is how much time do you invest to get clients on your website.To save time and money you can use free FB multi poster tool. The benefit of the Facebook tool can be seen in the few days. When you start sharing post daily with this tool you will get growth on the daily basis.To share on FB groups and pages your quality posts and impressive images also matter. So you need to take care of your social marketing strategy.

Benefits of Facebook Auto Poster tools

  • Instant Growth
  • Free to use
  • Customized Facebook posts
  • Increase Fb group/page engagement
  • Save time by Schedule posts.
  • The increase in Website Traffic.
  • Increase Product Sales

As you know the presence of the social media network always profitable for any business.To stay on social media either need to hire a person or hire an automation tool which is more beneficial that you can easily predict.The all kind of business either that is a small organization or big firm everyone who has business locally or internally must have an online presence.Nowadays the online presence considers in the company reputation as well.The business owner always wants to connect with new customers and always try to make a company growth.

These days the popular brands have their own private groups on Facebook, behind this the only reason is that they want to interact directly with customers to make product best and viral on the internet thought their customers.The Fan pages can never get the nature of the customers and can never predict their requirements.

For a small startup, organization this is quite difficult to generate a task for social presence through a particular person.To increase the feasibility of such task online automation tool become the genie.The automatic Facebook post on groups and pages bring the happiness in the company business.

The tips and tricks for share post to multiple groups at once is a pro tip for anyone.But without any platform, the trick and tips are always worthless. So why not all the tricks that you find on blogs/websites or hackers groups come to an online platform.Liveurlifehere tool doing such task for our valuable customers.

Time-saving genie | Facebook Automatic poster

If you want to save time and add some creativity to your online business, we have an advance featured automatic Facebook multipost tools. The Automatic Facebook poster can save your time, customize your posts, task assigner, posts in the Multi groups.

This is the bloggers platform for knowledge but our tools at the Liveurlifehere tools bring smartness in the life of online geek.So we have an online facebook multiple post share tool that can share on groups, pages, profile etc…

The most valuable thing in the universe is only time which can not buy/sell. You have to save time for share on facebook and invest time in the right way to grow the business. The automatic Facebook poster will give you hike in business without time investment.

How to Post Automatic on Facebook with Auto Poster tool

This is not the hardest way to share on Facebook but if you can follow some step this will be easy for you to start schedule post in the tool and this will automatic share on selected groups/pages on Facebook.

  1. Log in to Facebook group poster tool to open dashboard.
  2. Add your Facebook account.
  3. Write a post and select groups or pages.
  4. Now you can choose a time to schedule posts.

These are the overview and the easiest brief intro of the automatic Facebook tool for detail explanation continue ready to the below phrase.The video will have a demo for how to use Facebook automatic poster at Liveurlifehere Tools.

Detail explanation with Tools Screenshots

The above brief steps give you the overview of tools but here I have to share some deep features of the Facebook tool.We have to make it best for every marketer who needs to save time for a Facebook post.The main factor of increase in engagement is always consistency.So to maintain the consistency on groups and pages on Facebook regular high quality and posts required.

After Login, you are on the Liveurlifehere Facebook tool where you need to add a new post which allows you to create a post with emoticons, custom images, multiple links and a much more effective way to increase likes and click on the post.

Post on the Facebook all groups from the message section that you can see in this screenshot.When you click on the Add New the message box open where you can choose a post type like – Text, Link, Image, Video or Multi-Image. All post have a different way of inputs as given below in the tutorial.

Text Message Box in Facebook Multi Post tool

Write simple text message for a post on multiple Facebook groups or pages. Use emotions to make your text message more impressive and this will increase engagement on the post. Grab the attention of the friends or facebook group members with some icons in the post and other messages arts.

In the right side of the Text message box, you can see live images as look like in the Facebook. The live preview will improve your mistake that can happen when you share on Facebook posts.

This tool also has one more silent feature like save the post, if you want to share a post much time then you can save it for feature edit.

To give a delay of few second or minute you can use delay feature other than post schedule.But this will not work if you log out before the time you set for post publish.

Post a Link on Facebook

The best and highly recommended feature for Website owners who need to grow traffic through Facebook groups and pages by share post.Here we have link share from the message box.The Pro feature has sub-features like given below.

  • Add Custom Image
  • Add Custom Title
  • Add Custom Caption
  • Add Custom Description

The live preview on the right side gives more reliability to make an attractive post for share on facebook group or pages.Share a post on the delay time or you can also schedule.If you have taken some time make a wonderful post then you can share it for future publish with some edits.

Image | Video & Multiple Image share on multiple facebook groups

As like above 2 section you can make a post with images. It includes image, text, emoji to make it extraordinary post in the groups.The video and images upload will save in your account for future use. You can use data for max 30 MB because it is a free tool.

Facebook Post Schedule – Most Important and Time-saving while publishing any kind of post from above

To save time you need to schedule posts on different dates or time. The scheduled post publish on time and add in post schedule report.The graphical representation of the reports gives you data exploration. To schedule posts, you need to make your own post as given above.After that click on the Schedule button where you will get calendar with date, time including hour, minute and seconds.

To explore post schedule you can set auto-post with repeat option and delay time.

Time Pause will help you to block by Facebook. Facebook will block your account if you spam all the group on the same time so time pause and delay in the post will help you to give a gap in the post published in all the groups or pages you have selected.

Create group category according to post share

To sort groups and page you can choose their type but if you want to make a group for share on facebook then give them a name with the category. This will help you share the post to all selected groups or pages by one click with select again and again.

When you post schedule you can track those schedules post and also get a list of scheduled post and all another post at a single area.The both button have different functionality as like Schedule post will show you all posts which you schedule and schedule report will show graphical representation of the post which published.

Post Scheduled List

The list of the post which schedule can be seen by click on the given button.Here all entry of the post including old post and new post are listed here.You can check here which post is in progress or which post published.

Post Publish report

To look at the status of each post that published in the days, month or year.We have a analytive dashborad for better post representation and data analysis.Get the better analysis of scheduled post and direct post.


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