ResellerClub Hosting Review – Best Reseller Hosting company

ResellerClub provides one of the best hosting services in the market as of now. The web hosting company has the potential to come out at the top in providing hosting services to users. Moreover, according to our tests and existing users, ResellerClub offers well enough hosting services to users.  As of now, they offer Shared, Reseller, Cloud, WordPress, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting to visitors all around the world. Several points mentioned below will cover all the aspects of ResellerClub Hosting and give you better insights regarding it.

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ResellerClub Hosting Review


ResellerClub Hosting is one of the most reliable companies in the market. The prime reason for the fact is their 30-day money back guarantee that gives an additional option to users to opt out of their services if they are not satisfied with them. The hosting company assures that the customer is happy with the services and gives their best in doing so.


ResellerClub Hosting awards users with a 99.99% uptime commitment which is considered as the standard uptime guarantee in the hosting market. The redundant servers promise to avoid downtime. Also, the hosting company is constantly working to prevent such issues and provide hundred percent satisfaction to customers.


ResellerClub Hosting claims that they are available 24/7 for the customers throughout the day. On the contrary, users have continuously complained regarding their support. Moreover, they take a lot of time to respond to a submitted ticket as well. However, they are enhancing their support in order to match expectations of the customers. Thus, with these new improvements, you’ll fall in love with their support.


ResellerClub Hosting offers hosting plans at a very cheap rate starting at mere $1.49 to visitors. Thus, newbies can take advantage of the low prices to buy their first ever hosting account at a reasonably low price. The initial plans of the shared hosting services have certain limitations in disk space and bandwidth. However, the highly-rated plans offer many unlimited perks to the customer. Besides Shared Hosting, ResellerClub’s VPS and Dedicated Hosting prices are almost similar to prices of other hosting companies. Thus, especially if you’re a newbie who wants to sign up for a hosting account at a cheap price, ResellerClub Hosting is tailor-made for your use.


ResellerClub Hosting offers Shared, Reseller, Cloud, WordPress, VPS and Dedicated Hosting services to their visitors. They have a separate Linux and Windows option showcased for all of their hosting plans which is one of the nicest things about their hosting services. Despite providing mediocre technical features, ResellerClub’s reseller hosting features are one of the best in the market. They can aid you in setting up a reseller interface which can be easily used to market to your customers as they provide you over 700 products to specifically promote your hosting services. In addition to this, ResellerClub Hosting has many data centers around the world to ensure that resellers get a lot of benefits.

Leaving the reseller features aside, other features regarding their hosting services are not as much better. The uptime offered by the hosting company is around 99.99%. The hosting company has recently upgraded their plans to provide more features and avert downtime issues for the betterment of their customers.


Many Data Centers around the World

Good Reseller Features

Explicitly Targeted Services

Proper Division of Hosting Plans

Relatively Cheaper Hosting Services


Frequent Downtime Issues

Basic Plans Have Limited Attributes

Fair Support

Final Words

ResellerClub Hosting is a hosting company that tries its best to offer best services to their customers but they fair average in this department. The reseller features are relatively better and the price is on the lower side as well. Other than ResellerClub Hosting, you get all the features at a cheaper price. The basic plans have some limited features however as you climb up the ladder of plans, you get unlimited perks for your use. Leaving some shortcomings aside, ResellerClub is still a well-established hosting company that provides excellent hosting services to their clients.


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