rich snippet markup events for google search

This is recommended for you-rich snippet markup events if you writing an event in your page .When in your page events marked up then google easily identify information show in search results and other google properties.When you write about any event in page there must be write clearly- Event “title”, “date”, “venue” etc… . This help user to where i find more detail about this event.Here snapshot of rich snippet markup events looking in google search

markup event for google search


When you write event in simple way then this will look like this and user not comes to your page.

Then What you can do for write Rich snippets-events

For writing event you write:

  • Music festival
  • Dance india dance night

Do not write like this:

  • Music fastival at delhi/DA-7 night (Come with family or friends. Get lot of fun this night)
  • Dance india dance night show -watch dance at only 100Rs. Enjoy full night with friends
  • Come with 2 friends will get Discounts of 50%

For writing you must use these properties

Google post snaphot
Google post snapshot

After writing your event you can check for structure data of your page at Google structure data tools




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