rich snippets video markup

When video information is marked up in the body of a web page. Goggle can identify it and may use that information to improve our result.Goggle recognizes both the Facebook Share and Yahoo! Search Money RDF a markups. Using either (or both) of these formats to mark up video directly in your HTML helps Goggle better understand and present your video content. Make sure the markup appears in the HTML without the execution of JavaScript or Flash.


Property Description
image_src (Required.) A URL pointing to a preview thumbnail, which must be a GIF, PNG, or JPG image. The preview thumbnail must be hosted on the same domain as the video.
video_src (Required.) A URL to the video to play when the user clicks the “play” button.
medium Indicates the type of content being shared. Valid values are audio,imagevideonewsblog and mult.
video_width The video’s width in pixels, including any “chrome” provided by the third-party player.
video_height The video’s height in pixels, including any “chrome” provided by the third-party player.
video_type The video’s MIME-type. Currently, the only acceptable value isapplication/x-shockwave-flash.
description A short (up to 200 characters) description of the video.
title The title of a video. Up to 60 characters

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