Search Engine Optimization tips for Bloggers

You should aware from basic seo before going to start any type of blog.In all aspects SEO is back bone of any blog without this your content never come to the exact customer/blog reader. In this post you learn some basic tips for blogging by which you will able to come to the area of search in google that may be on page 1,2,3… But for making residential address on google front page you need lot of spending time on SEO for your blog.I hope this article may help you to give a light up to your blog.

Tips for SEO :

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  • Blog Design:-

For making a shadow in mind of your blog reader your blog should have an attractive & responsive template.In these days it is not difficult to give a different design to your blog-If you are using WordPress than on the internet a lot of website available that give you free/premium template for your website.

The main question is “HOW BLOG DESIGN HELP IN SEO“- When any template designer design template have skill of seo or not it matters some design is more attractive but your site either reload in long time or your template not have any kind of SEO basic parameters like- meta tags, title tag, description, keywords etc…

Few basic things you should have in your design:

  • Your blog have two sidebars left & right
  • Well designed & fully background blog information of blog have in the footer.
  • Should have social buttons like-facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, digg, mail, print etc.. in your post
  • should have a header with pages links
  • One of the most important things – Blog should have search bar(i recommend you google search bar)
  • Recent post tab must have in the sidebar, you may also put popular tab.
  • Your social profile widget also you put in the sidebar.
temp blog liveurlifehere blog snapshot


  • Reduce webpage loading time(Html improvement):

This is so much important for every blog to reload fast because fast page easily crawls in search engine another thing is for any visitor this is first impression to blog load fast visitor focus on which they are searching for.I hope you guess what i am talking about & how to getting out from this problem.Now few points are rolling in your mind:  

Where to check my website page speed:

Here is many tools available on internet for checking speed of blog/website page.Even most popular tools developed by google, you can get from there -how much time your page taking to reload & what are an error in your page that’s why your page load time delay. Even from there you also guess how to remove that error…Read more

The Meaning of Search engine optimization is making your website friendly with search engines like Google, Yahoo! , bing as these search engine easily find your website when anyone search something on web.
For making website Search engine friendly the main things is to be noted that your website content should be unique that’s why search engine does not have confusion during search.There is many things search engine check like meta tag description in website Html  code, Title
of website not to be long only write name of website.Meta tag description in html code is used by search engine like google as


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