how to search a website without search box

If you don’t find any search box in any website and want to search something then I tell you few ways to finding content in website without search engine .I get a new trick for search content in any website if search Box is not present in that website.In other manner different website have different search rules , but i get some basic rules by them you can find in that website.
For this follow these steps
  1. In Blogspot/Blogger website can use this in other website also)

*Write in your address bar of  browser – WEBSITE NAME/search?q=YOUR SEARCHING CONTENT
For example of my blog- if you want to search in my blog “Play Online game” then you write in your address bar “ online game “.

As in image searching this link,But in this + sign is placed in this between play Online game  this is automatically add in browser . This is due to space between play online game.

2.In WordPress website

In wordpress you write “/?s=” , Lets try click here

3. You can take help of google to search in any website just write    Website name:Search content

For e.g chrome


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