How to post in multiple Facebook groups at once | Fb group poster

Social media growing and with this other industry also growing.The medium to grow with social media is only  facebook. The largest social media network facebook have billions of people online. Any business can boost by share posts in facebook groups and pages.We have make a social media tool that will help you to share a post on facebook groups by 1 click.You can schedule post according to your local time and also post on current time. The customized way of the post will make your content representation very attractive.By Facebook multi poster tool millions of people share daily and get huge traffic on thier website.

Facebook Group Poster tool

It’s time for the post on multiple Facebook groups at once means just single click post your link to all your facebook group without any time spent.I would like to say that you are just 1 click away from facebook multiple group share. Share to multiple Facebook groups and friends by tools at liveurlifehere tools, You can use this tools for share or send message to many your facebook friends. This tools help you to connect multiple groups at a time. You can use this for share your blog post to many groups at once.

Post in multiple Facebook groups

To share post on multiple facebook groups you can use this facebook group share tool.We have develope this in 2014 and now in 2019 we have redevlop it with some other features like.

  • Facebook Post customizer
  • Share Image, Link, Multi-image , GIF etc…
  • Post schedule according to local time.
  • Categorized your facebook group to select all.
  • Multiple Facebook Accounts
  • Schedule analytic dashboard

The tool is free with all these features and always we make free assets for our users. You can share donation if you like tool or our effort help your business.

How to use this Liveurlifehere Facebook multipost tools ?

  1. Visit to the Facebook group poster tool ->
  2. Now you need to register to use tool. 
  3. After registration you can login to dashboard.
  4. Next, Choose your local time zone.
  5. After setup your profile you need to add facebook account with the help of given video tutorial.
  6. Next you can start using this tool by click on Add New.
  7. Now you can post now, schedule posts or customize your post.

In your profile you can get all your pages, groups and profile. You can start posting in all or choose any of pages or groups in the list.To make more easy to share you can make a groups of all you pages or facebook group.

As you known facebook is a good place for all of the bloggers to promote their blog posts and share their links on facebook fan pages and Facebook groups to boost their blog traffic. so for that purpose we joined a lot of groups. But how you sharing your posts or links to facebook groups? It will be very difficult to open every group then posting to each group individually. So here you need a trick to share or post   your link or status to all FB groups in a single click. If you are looking for this trick that how to post to all FB groups in one click then here we are going to show you this trick. Also check;  8 awesome and useful facebook trick and tips.Since, multiple posting of same content is always considered as a spam. Moreover, in Facebook’s terms and conditions, it has a limit on usage of their services like comments, messages, wall posts offered to you.


4 responses to “How to post in multiple Facebook groups at once | Fb group poster”

  1. Khan Denis Teyim Avatar
    Khan Denis Teyim

    does not work for me. when i click “share on facebook”, nothing happens

  2. Remember ! Sharing more than to 5 groups at a time may block your account .. within 24 hrs.

  3. Justine Obugo Avatar
    Justine Obugo

    good services

  4. ankit meena Avatar
    ankit meena

    it was an awesome experience visiting your website. I was searching post in all facebook groups at once for a long and now got working trick.

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