Steve Jobs was so angry man !!!

Everyone know steve jobs (CEO and founder of Apple) was a powerful minded person and looking very cool in every presentation and other area’s , But  beyond that image of a CEO of Apple that is very danger mean an angry man. He always abused that person who doesn’t work proper or his/her work not satisfy him. Why I am saying this ? I am also a great Fan of Steve jobs .When I read about steve jobs on an article of a website then I feel that , I show you some speech


*Frist incident with the apple inc. partner chip maker company VLSI Technology  have some trouble to deliver chips on the given time then Jobs make angry and Shouting in the meeting and say “Fucking dickless assholes”. After that company deliver proper chips on the time

*When apple is about to reveal the Bondi blue iMac then jobs give order to print ads of the bondi blue but jobs getting worng color of ads then he say “You guys don’t know what you’re doing. I’m going to get someone else to do the ads because this is fucked up”

*Once in mobileme create problem with user and they complain on that phone at that time steve call mobileme team and say “Can anyone tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?” When the team gave their answers, Jobs replied, “Then why the fuck doesn’t it do that?”

And many more incidents occurs in his life these are main and out from the company. I thinks you are also the Fan of steve jobs then what you say steve jobs is angry man or not these are three critical situation events . YOU MUST WRITE YOUR REVIREW BELOW AFTER READING.


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