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Css is Cascade Style sheet Language and extension of this language is .css this is most probably used in HTML webpage. Css is Co created by Håkon Wium Lie.He is now chief technical officer at opera company . He called as father of CSS. 

Where Css Used :-   
Css is used in presentation in any webpage.Use of CSS is the recommended way of defining how HTML pages are displayed. You should use HTML to define the basic structure (using elements such as



  • , etc.) and CSS to define how these elements should appear (e.g. heading should be in bold Arial font, paragraphs should be indented, etc.).
    This approach has several advantages:
    It is much easier to maintain the appearance of a Web site. If you use a single CSS file updating this file allows the Web site look-and-feel to be altered easily; in contrast use of HTML formatting elements would require every file to be updated to change the appearance.
    CSS provides rich functionality, including defining the appearance of HTML pages when they are printed.
    Use of CSS provides much greater accessibility, allowing users with special needs to alter the appearance of a Web page to suit their requirements. CSS also allows Web pages to be more easily rendered by special devices, such as speaking browsers, PDAs, etc.
    There are disadvantages to use of CSS. In particular legacy browsers such as Netscape 4 have difficulty in processing CSS. However, since such legacy browsers are now in a minority the biggest barrier to deployment of CSS is probably a lack of understand or inertia.

    Design tab by Css designer :-

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