How to do WordPress Website search engine optimization [SEO]

You are going to start your new website on WordPress then you must do WordPress website search engine optimization to get in the Google search engine. Seo WordPress requirement is necessary for any website.Here is a lot of things to do after installing WordPress on your website. WordPress is good for Google indexing your post but manually you have to submit your website to index your contest in the search engine.We are discussing completely this topic step by step & changes on WordPress you have to do one time if you do changes in format then this is difficult for Google to understand your website.

  • Install SEO plugin to your WordPress 

  • Configure website with Google search engine:-

    For come in the line of a search result in Google search engine you have to do basic configuration in Google webmaster tools & connect Google crawler to your website.It is obvious that you have an account on Google then sign-in  that & follow me:

    • Go to google webmaster
    • Click on Add a site button on top right ad site
    • Add URL of your site there.
    • Now verify website by adding code to WordPress website .( i recommend you meta HTML)
    • You can just copy the only code to WordPress SEO plugin as I recommend you above.

Now Google automatically crawl your content & you can check status time to time

  • Configure website with Bing search engine:-

Like Google on Bing search engine, you also configure your website to come in search of Bing result.Bing also follow same steps as Google webmaster tools. Bing also have webmaster tool visit there & same as above you validate your website.

Visit Bing webmaster tool

These are above two popular search engine & you can configure to other also.

  • Configure website to Google Analytic:-

Google analytic allow you to view daily & real time visitor status on your website. Where you can get full statics about your website.You get how may of visitor are now on the website & last day how much views & how much unique visitor comes & from where they come.

Configure your website for analytic:

  • Go to google analytic
  • Add your website URL there & validate by adding configure code in your website.
  • Check permalinks of your WordPress website

This is one more important things you have to do in your WordPress website after just installing WordPress because this you never do again in your website after posting many posts on the website.If you have to do this again then google crawler find all page not found in your website & your website ranking goes so much down.

  •  Go to setting in WordPress >permalinkspermalinks
  • I am using /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html
  • But i recommend you to use -/%postname%.html
  • This easy index in google.
  • Make a sub-domain for media of WordPress

This is why i talking about because when your website have a large no of post & lot of images then load on one domain increase due to this your page loading time increase(Check your page loading speed)

Make sub-domain in ipage website

If you are using other then ipage then you make sub-domain like-

  • Disable directory browsing

If you do not want to browse visitor to a directory like-, etc. then you have to restrict that by htaccess. Insert this code in the end of your .htaccess file.

Options All -Indexes

 You find this file in your FTP directory of the website.

  • Configure website RSS feeds:

This is so much important for any website to make visitors forever & give them update on every post.This is only done by RSS feeds to update your website subscriber on every new post update by emails.

You can make feed by Feedburner.

  • Insert OG Meta tag in WordPress site:

Normal meta tag already inserts in your post on update page or manually you can add their bu og type meta tag never add from the post without any plugin install for that you have to plug that manually in the post page.

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