Tips and tricks to increase Google Adsense revenue

You see many  People making money with google adsense but you are not able to make money like them then here is tips and tricks to increase Google Adsense revenue  & your adsense income. Today we are discuss on how people making money from their blog using Adsence. Google adsence is the best advertising network of online advertisements. There are also some alternative of Google adsense  like infolinks,bitadvertiser,yohoo ads etc  are also pay well for advertising.So Lets Talk About How to Earn More From Google Adsense in 2016.Before this See Quick Approval trick. Google adsense is free for you to make money.Here is tips for increase google adsense revenue.By this DIY tips you can make good income from google adsense.If you work genuine & smart then Google adsense is like ATM machine at your home in which you get cash by just writing thoughtful information on website.When i am searching for how to increase my adsense revenue then nothing new i found like a magic technique.Everyone want magical trick to increase adsense income but there is no key of google adsense without focus on content.Google adsense tips & tricks for 2016 is fully depend on your content because content is king in 2016

Before going down check SEO optimization tips for your website otherwise tips for increase adsense revenue does’t work .



Quick Approval Tricks For Google Adsense

Before  Go Forward You Need A Google Adsense Account.The easiest way To get Approved  is with hosted account means From YouTube Just Upload Few Quality Video On YouTube and Monetize Them. now link Youtube account with adsense account It take 2-3 hours If You Video is Google In Quality Or Your Own.And If You Face Any Difficulty  in this you can Tell Me in Comment Or Mail me at contact us page. 🙂 So Now  Lets Talk About How to earn More From Adsensefast-adsense-approval

Ethical way to earn more from Google Adsense

There Are many legal way to earn more from Google adsense lets Talk About From Top To Bottom

  • Choose A right Niche For You Blog

First thing first, choosing a right niche for your blog or website is most  important. Because  Cost Per Click( CPC) of an ad directly depends upon the topic on which you’re writing your blog.Here A List Of  Niche With CPC in decreasing order

  1. Domains – Blogs on Internet Domains Like Yahoo, Go Daddy etc. It pays most highest CPC.
  2. Gadgets – Tech Gadgets like Apple products
  3. Google – Google Products
  4. Microsoft – MS office
  5. Banking
  6. Automobile
  7. Health
  8. Real Estate
  9. Home Loans
  10. Jobs Dating & Romance – It pays lowest CPC.

google-adsense infographic

Keyword Selection Is Also A Factor To Earn More From Google Adsense,i suggest you to choose long tail keyword always to get on the 1st page of google.

This Servery is taken by I thing You Understand The Value Of Keyword Selection So Lets Go Ahead .

  • Country From Which Most Traffic Came To Your Website

One of the most important factor that can increase the eaning  is the country you are targeting. means that  a click on an ad from USA can pay you more as compare to  click on same ad from India.So Try To Increase Traffic From USA and Australia Because Both Country Pay More CPC.

Thats It And lots Of I Not Discus Here Like Content Quality,ads placement and all  These Because This  Article Based On Earn More from google adsense  These Thing Should Be Known To you When You Are Searching For Earn More From Blog.

  • Most important – Ad placement in your web-page

This tips will help you to increase your adsense revenue upto 20-30% or many more.Most of the website you see don’t have perfect space to place ads.I give you tips for choosing area of ad placement 

1. 300×250 image ad: 

300×250 ad must be place in your post area that is good to visible to your post reader & most of them click on that.After all impression of this ad placement is more then other ad, I suggest you to make this ad test & image both to get more click as because if image as is not relevant to user internet cache then text ad will be display.As you can see in snapshot of  this post preview.  

ad placement


2.Sidebar ads :

One of the most important ad placement area is sidebar of your blog either left or right but use one side i suggest you because 2 ads must be inside content area of blog. If.If don’t know i tell you Google recommend 3 ads in 1 page of blog & best things is use 1 type of each ad – text,image,large rectangle.   

ad placement2


3. 728x90In the header :

If you have no space in left right sidebar then you can use ad on then top of header of post.This is common type of ad placement where every blogger & website owner use.Google always recommend this ad area if you use google adsense plugin in the wordpress.I never suggest you to use this plugin because of my trial on this plugin was not good as because my earning down to 60%.

4. Recommend mobile ads for each websites/blog  

300×100 ad is new from google adsense after google recommend each website should be mobile friendly/responsive page .This ad will increase your earning from mobile device also.If see in your analytic about 50% of visits now from mobile so obviously your revenue must be increase upto 50%.One more thing most of click people get from mobiles due to small area of browsing.Below ads shown is mobile friendly ad

Block/unblock advertiser in google adsense:  

This is my experience that i share with you to use google adsense block/unblock advertiser.Some-time google bot block most popular advertiser that have high ppc ads.When i check my block list in my adsense account i found ebay in block list that is most popular advertiser of high ppc product ads.After unblock some advertisers my earning increase suddenly that i never think.You may block your competitor ad on your website from this block/unblock system.

Increase adsense revenue by youtube: 

As i tell you to get adsense approval by youtube then youtube also help you to increase your adsense revenue upto 30% .Make video with your each post & upload to your youtube channel .You tube is greatest source of earning for some people let see top 10 youtube channels that are so much popular on youtube. Must read:Earning money from youtube 


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