top 10 free spy apps for android

If you are track someone or want to spy your android mobile then these list of free spy apps for android is only for you.For secret agent these apps are recommended to track target. These mind blowing apps for android make you somewhere james bond .Spy on cell phone with these free app ,tracking down your delivery boy with these apps.

These amazing android apps have awesome features that shock you & recommend for your android mobile.Coolest feature of tracking is amazing in these android apps.So lets have listed of these apps

121.Secret Agent:

With a Compass this app make you perfect secret agent.App can track location of your delivery boy by tracking facility. This app have some other fetures like :

  • Diagnostic-Diagnose mobile device charging voltage,cpu usage,battery info etc,
  • Torch – a SOS feature handy torch,
  • Track– That you need to track some this app have.
  • Secret call recorder
  • Spectrum Analyser
  • Satellite tool
  • Sensor data- including magnetometer, orientation, acceleration
  • wifi scanner




2 2.SPY Message

This app allow you to control your private message to send & delete from inbox after some time or just after read message.By this your inbox message sort & auto delete without leaving trace.Have these fetures:

  • Message Time Bomb
  • Message Timer Setting
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Customized Friend List



3.Cell Tracker


This is well mobile no. tracker of any one by  google map. That.That why this android app count in awesome android apps.With Free cell tracking features this also have some other features like

  • Location history date wise
  • Tracker Graphical based user interface



4.Secret Video Recorder

video rec

This app record video from your mobile secretly.With turn screen off continue recording feature this app can become spy camera in your mobile.Not only this feature this app have many more features list :

  • Unlimited number video recording
  • Unlimited video duration
  •  No camera shutter sound.
  •  No preview.
  •  Support night vision
  •  Support zoom
  •  Can record during phone call.
  •  Turn screen off and continue recording
  •  One touch operation of  start and stop recording
  •  One touch operation of schedule recording
  •  Supports front and back camera
  •  Full HD video (1920×1080) recording
  •  Support full video quality
  •  Silent recording
  •  Enable/disable sound & vibration method while start/stop video recording by application.
  •  Hide video from Gallery
  •  Custom icon for launcher so the app is completely discreet
  •  Enable/disable flash light during recording
  •  Enable/disable preview
  •  Disable Notification icon so there is no screen indication that video is recording
  •  Password protected for full security
  •  Very few permissions needed so privacy is assured

video rec2

5.Family Locator


Now you can connect with your family by using this app.You trace location of your children,wife,friends by making circle in this app.With amazing features real time location & real time alert this app good to use.

More features of app:

  • Real-time location
  • Receive real-time alerts
  • Track stolen phones
  • GPS tracking technology


6.Ear Spy: Super Hearing:


Don’t give harm your ear by get higher sound with in noise this app auto detect noise & manage volume of your phone while you listen music.Free app have only this feature but pro app have these feature included:

  • Extended Graphic Equalizer
  • Echo Cancellation (AEC)
  • Noise Suppression (NS)
  • Virtualizer (Android 4.1 and above)
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Bass-Boost (Bass)
  • MP3 Recording
  • Home Screen Widget
  • Ad-Free Spying!



7.Secret Agent Fake Call


Amazing spy android app that have record & call to anyone with that message.For spy agent this app help to speak your recording sound.Have some features like:

  • Professional Voice Actors
  • Customised ring tones
  • Alarm System to control when the message sounds



8. Spy Kit Motion Detector Camera


This app have interesting spy on motion detection camera.This can capture photo,record video By motion & hard key activation.

Some more features in this app

  • Dropbox sync
  • Hard Key Activation
  • Floating Camera



9.Sneaky Cam


This app allow your camera during any mobile window open & camera become spy & record nearby area .This app help you when you give mobile to other & get where is go & what he done.Some other features also have in this app:

  • set opacity in camera
  • capture image


10.Night Vision Spy Camera Effect


Capture image in night with night vision effect.This can take photo in lowest light in the night.With different algorithm of night vision this have some different features

  • Night Vision Effect image enhancement processing algorithm
  • binoculars vision




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