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Top 10 it Software companies in the World : Now a day’s  it Companies are trending worldwide Due to changing the world into digitization and Information Technology dominated very important part in this change.Information Technology deals with the collecting data,storing data and manipulate them according to user requirements. In our Daily Life we use Gadgets that contain some bunch of program to perform some task too easy work or help in something . so what they contain? They contain Hardware and Software . Here software is the program that perform some action and this is part of Information technology. To perform work in better way many Big companies making Awesome software  programs . So Today In this Article We tell You that In software making which it Company at the top in world.We Also write article top 10 it companies in India . Forbes Magazine doing the great job to finding the best it companies around the world . every year they collect the data about the companies and give them rank accordingly . Mainly they Deal with four parameter  sales, profit, assets and market of every organization. so from that report and many other sources we collect the data and we provide you best 10 it software companies in the world. Out of 10 more than 5 companies from USA.

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Information Technology


1. Microsoft Corporation : Microsoft is USA based software company that develops the computer software. most famous software of microsoft is microsoft windows(operating system) , microsoft office and internet explorer (a web browser). It ranked number 1 it software company by its revenue and most valuable also. you will find most of computer have  Microsoft window operating system . It is founded by Bill gates and Paul Allen in 1975. More that 120000 employee worked at microsoft. Here is all Revenue of Microsoft according to 2014 report

Revenue –                        US$ 86.83 billion
Operating income –       US$ 27.76 billion
Net income –                  US$ 22.07 billion
Total assets –                  US$ 172.38 billion
Total equity –                 US$ 89.78 billion

2. Oracle Corporation : Oracle is Multinational  US based it company that develop Computer hardware system and software products. In software product the main Product is their Database management system named Oracle DBMS . Oracle is second largest software making company after microsoft. Larry Ellison was the person who founded Oracle Corporation. here check out Income Report of oracle .

Revenue –                      US$ 38.23 billion
Operating income –     US$ 13.87 billion
Net income –                US$ 9.94 billion
Total assets –                US$ 110.90 billion
Total equity –                US$ 49.10 billion

3. International Business Machines (IBM): IBM is US based Company which develop and market computer softwares ,hardwares  And also Offer hosting , consulting services . It is Founded in 1911  Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company and Changed to IBM in 1924 . the organization have a large number of employees around 3,80,000 . Income report of IBM .

Revenue –                       US$ 92.793 billion
Operating income –      US$ 19.986 billion
Net income –                  US$ 12.023 billion
Total assets –                  US$ 117.53 billion
Total equity –                 US$ 11.868 billion

4. SAP(Systems, Applications & Products) :  SAP is German multinational company which make software products to manage business  and customer relations. The company has more than 3 lakhs customers around the world . SAP founded in 1972 by five IBM engineers .

Revenue –                    €17.56 billion
Operating income –   €4.331 billion
Profit –                         €3.275 billion
Total assets –              €38.374 billion
Total equity –              €19.594 billion

5. Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) Limited : TCS is Indian Multinational it Service and consulting company. It is part of tata Group. It is largest it based company in india also In top it service company in the world . TCS is Founded in  1968 . TCS also Have large number of employees around 3.5 lakhs

Revenue –                         US$ 15.5 billion
Operating income –        US$ 3.7 billion
Profit –                               US$ 3.5 billion
Total assets –                    US$ 54.58 billion
Total equity –                    US$ 84.35 billion

6. Symantec Corporation : Symantec US based Company Which develop  software for  security , Storage and Backup purpose and also provide a professional maintenance service to its software products.In 2015  Symantec is divided into two parts one part focus on Security products and another part focus on information managing service  softwares. The company is founded in 1982 . Here below is income report
Revenue –                    US$ 6.676 billion
Operating income –   US$ 1.183 billion
Profit –                          US$ 898 million
Total assets –               US$ 13.54 billion
Total equity –               US$ 5.797 billion

7. VMWare : VMWare US based software company which provide  cloud and virtualization software and its services. It is the first who Virtualize the x86 architecture. The Company was Founded in 1998. VMWare software run on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms. Lets check Company health in money

Revenue –                        US$ 6.035 billion
Operating income –       US$ 1.027 billion
Net income –                   US$ 0.86 billion
Total assets –                  US$ 15.216 billion
Total equity –                 US$ 7.586 billion

8. EMC Corporation : EMC also a US based it company which deal with many products and services  including  data storage, information security, virtualization, analytics and cloud computing .

Revenue –                        US$24.440 billion
Operating income –       US$4.037 billion
Net income –                   US$2.714 billion
Total assets –                   US$45.885 billion
Total equity –                   US$23.525 billion

9. Adobe Systems Incorporated :  Well we are well known about Adobe famous product – Adobe photoshop and slow PDF is invention of adobe . Adobe mainly focus on Creativity design. Abode was founded in 1982 .

Revenue –                        US$ 4,055.24 million
Operating income –     US$ 422.723 million
Net income –                  US$ 289.985 million
Total assets  –                US$ 10,380.298 million
Total equity  –                US$ 6,724.634 million

10. Intel Corporation : Intel is USA based multinational  technology company it is world largest and highest valued semiconductor company. Intel Founded x86 microprocessors. Intel is basically a hardware company but it deals with software programs also so it included in toplist of software because the processor we user also have some configuration. if we rank top computer hardware company then intel will come in top 3 companies . here is income of company that is very high because its hardware parts

Revenue –                      US$55.870 billion
Operating income –     US$15.201 billion
Net income –                 US$11.704 billion
Total assets –                 US$91.956 billion
Total equity –                 US$55.865 billion

Above is the list of top 10 IT software company around the world hope you found information that you need . if you have any question in mind then comment below in comment form thanks for visit.


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