Top 20 social traffic generating websites for blogger

Organic #traffic on website is quite difficult but could be easy with these list of  Top 20 social traffic generating websites for blogger.Getting traffic on website may help you to earn lot of money. Google search engine may not able to get you on the first page in just one day but after sharing your post on social websites help you to generate high traffic on post.One more benefit of that is if getting regular traffic on your page -you can come fast on the 1st page of google.

Now question is How to get traffic from these website by just share post link over there or something else. Read below mention few lines

Your social profile reputation depend on this traffic.Because right direction of posting attract your follower otherwise all things will be waste.I have some point to get more follower & high reputation. This is simple but some time consuming-I suggest you to do this daily.

  • Must open your each account daily & read your notification.Because lot of notification if stored in your inbox then maybe some of then you ignore but never you ignore any notification in your profile.If possible give response of all or you must attempt all direct messages.
  • Follow people that are match with your profile.Why i am suggest you because if you follow other people then your timeline full with unwanted thoughts,so why not you follow selected peoples(that’s why i tell this time consuming but 100% perfect trick).
  • Each social website flow chart show that when you daily active on site & write your post -Your fan following increase.This trick every professional follow if you see in your social profile.

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Social sharing websites list & how to use them as a traffic generator.

  1. Reddit: – This is highly crowd website for US traffic.Here your blog niche 100% match with subreddits on Reddit.But if you go there for traffic mind making then this website can close your account in just a min so always try to connect with people by an ethical comment on the post for increasing comment karma & share a knowledgeable article from anywhere on the web.As your comment karma & link karma increase, you get traffic on your shared links.Popular subreddits are shown in the top of the website from where you can choose your subreddit, but never share anywhere like blind eye-If you want help from me,I am always ready to help.
  2. Twitter:This is second one most controversial social website in the world so you can make this for getting traffic on your website but as i write in “above heading before starting list “that you must follow your matching profile, people.Here one interesting thing i see these days if you follow daily 100 people then 100 people follow you back either that you follow of other then them-this help you to increase fan following.One more interesting trick to get traffic is to share your post with related #tag if possible mention some people like @amanyadav2211(my sublink).Same here ask me for any help.
  3. Facebook:That’s the important place to generate traffic because this is the world of social networking so “Never Lost in this world“.Here so many fake possibilities of profiles , pages, groups, apps & much more, So you start with your profile&page.So now like the relevant page, join featured groups.You must synchronize your Twitter account also so when you post any one of these shares on both.
  4. Google +:-  This is one of the google do follow link share social website mean so many people are there.If you make your follower over there & join community -that may get you high traffic & google ranking.
  5. Tumblr:-Make a same name blog over there & connect with an original link like is connect with your WordPress website sharing plugin so when you publish on your blog also publish on tumblr.
  6. Digg:-An english reading platform for millions of reader .Here you connect your feeds,automatically all of your post share with other.Here you promote you digg reader outside means More subscriber > More Digg >> More traffic.
  7. Stumble upon:-One of the biggest news feed reading website here you join & link with you blog & be connect by stumble of other link then you get more stumble on your link & convert that into website traffic.
  8. Delicious:-Now i do not recommend or say to you that this website is hub of traffic generator  but still this is news feed website there you share your link & also connect with twitter account.
  9. Pinterest:-What a amazing way of sharing your thought by your images means make a good feature image that show what is inside the post & pinterest that.
  10. LinkedIn:-For professionals this is amazing platform to share post.Create a page over there & post on that daily you definitely get high follower & good result.
  11. Quora:-A bloggers another blog -this is a social bogging & article writing website where you make same name subdomain like
  12. Hubpages:-Same as quora this is bloggers another blog .This is most reading website in US so traffic always high & you get Us traffic.
  13. This is one of different style of social blogger tool ,here you make post yourself by image & share it with people.
  14. Squidoo:-I am appreciate with this social sharing tool like because of good response from other side of post here.
  15. yahoo Answer:- If you are not using this then i would say why ! because this is hub of question answer all over the world and surly you get traffic by make good answer there.
  16. of blogger listing website that give people to read as per their requirement means here your blog is in list then you get traffic.
  17.  Here not so much old & crowd like other then above list of website but you may use  this.
  18. Slashdot:-One another for only blogger to write as per their requirement & get audience.
  19. Yahoo voice:-Yahoo introducing a content based platform where anyone can read write anything.
  20. linkedin publisher:-Other then Linkedin main profile i found linked in publisher where you can write your article & publish.


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