Top 5 Best Free WordPress Coupon Plugins

Are you into affiliate marketing? Are you running a coupon websites/stores? If yes, then Today, In this article I come up with 5 best free WordPress coupon plugins that you can use on your blog for getting more conversations.The companies always want to provide great deals and discount to their customers. Hence, they release coupons very often that can provide a massive discount on the products.

When you use coupon plugin on your blog, you can represent your blog as fully featured deals and coupon website, and chances will increase to get more engagement and conversation.You should go for a plugin that can convert any WordPress theme into coupon store easily.Before we jump into the list, in this article, I will show you one plugin that can increase your affiliate conversion rate up to 61%.

Let’s jump into the list of Best Free WordPress Coupon Plugins

  1. Greedy Coupon – 1st Choice for getting best conversions

As I said, with the use of one plugin you can get engagement and conversion up to 61% that plugin is the greedy coupon.You can convert wordpress blog into coupon website without using any coupon theme.

Isn’t it cool?

Moreover, you can use hidden coupon buttons to get more sales from affiliate reviews. Hence, you will have more conversion and money in your pocket.

Highlighted Features:

  • Custom post/page can be designed
  • Multiple coupons for one company within a single page
  • Coupon post as a slider
  • SEO friendly layout
  • Google rating schema
  • Use anywhere with short codes

Download this WordPress Coupon Plugin

  1. Coupon creator

One of the main advantages of using coupon creator is used can create an own coupon with coupon image you made.It’s available in free and paid version. With paid version, you can create and display woo-commerce coupons with an editor.

Amazing feature?

You can set recurring expiration for every month or week. This helps you to get more engagement and conversions.

  1. JC Coupon

When we look at the features of JC coupon then its features are almost similar to coupon creator that I previously mentioned.

You can create own coupons from admin area and can use in posts/pages with short codes. Plus, you can set expiry dates and when date passed then the coupon will not show in posts/pages.

Amazing, isn’t it?

It’s available in free and paid version, the paid version has some advanced features. But I must say the price of paid version is affordable for the beginners.

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  1. Magic Wp Coupons

Want to convert entire site into coupon store?If an answer is yes, then magic wp coupons can do task easy for you.You can convert any theme into coupon store and get massive huge referral commission by offering amazing discounts to the customers.For every different company, you can create multiple discount coupons and use in posts/pages with short codes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Like/ Dislike system
  • Click counter system
  • Widget ready
  • 10 ready-made templates
  • Upload your own custom templates
  • Social sharing inside coupons
  1. WP discount coupon management

WP discount is the ultimate solution for creating and managing discount coupons easy and quickly. There are some features expire date, coupon code, custom ready-made placement and pop up window coupons lead this plugin to the advanced level.You can list all coupons of a particular company in one pop-up window and along with you can grab emails of the visitors.Thus, while getting affiliate commissions you will get more email subscribers and that email list helps you to get more money in the future.Because email list is an asset for any online business.

Highlighted Features:

  • Random coupon code generation
  • Custom coupons using images
  • Tagging
  • Custom coupon post type
  • Short codes

Final thoughts on best free WordPress coupon plugins

These are the list of top and highly recommended best wp coupon plugins. I would say if you are looking for light weight and best features then go with greedy coupon plugin.

It’s one of best wp plugin that I found recently and I use daily on my affiliate websites. When I have started on my sites, my conversions went up to 61% and the more interesting note is it’s completely free.

There are other options also available but you should go for a plugin that can’t reduce website load time and easily integrate with any WordPress theme. The greedy coupon is the ultimate solution for your expectations.


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