Top 6 Open Source Webmail Software

Top 6 Open Source Webmail Software: If talked in general terms, webmail is an email based on web. It comprises of two components- the client and the provider. The client side of the webmail helps in performing the sending and receiving part by utilizing POP3, SMTP protocols or through local or remote servers.  By providers, it could be generally meant the providers like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.  They play the role of providing access to emails using the client running on webmail client or desktop. These clients can work on many  platforms such as PHP, ASP or .NET.


In this article, we have provided you brief guidance about the top 5 best Free and Open Source Webmail Software’s:-

  1. Roundcube:- One of the widely used web mail software is Roundcube. Roundcube is an open source webmail app which has a slick and desktop-like interface. It is multilingual (comes with 60+ languages) and provides most of the functionalities you can anticipate from a webmail. It manages messages with drag and drops. Roundcube also provide users an opportunity  have multiple sender identities and can be worked with unlimited users.
  2. Kite:- Another, one of the best web mail software, Kite is an open source substitution to Gmail. Kite is a webmail intended to look similar to gmail and can be easily deployable on a single server. It is written in Javascript with Angularjs for the front end, and in Python 2 for the back end. Kite  is released under BSD-license and is looks much like an alpha software.
  3. Mailpie:- Mailpile is a contemporary, quick web-mail client with easy to use encryption and solitude features. It is an open source software which means it could be downloaded easily from anywhere. It has e-mail searching and indexing tool which is chiefly enthused by Google’s admired proprietary-but-gratis e-mail service.
  4. Atmail:- Atmail recently released its 6th version- Atmail 6. AtMail 6 has been entirely rebuilt from the base using Zend, jQuery, Web2.0 interface, Gmail threading, inline attachment thumbnails, full IMAP/S support, CalDAV client/server. The aim of this rebuilding is to provide web users a substitute to Gmail or Exchange running on your own networks. Atmail 6 is  faster, lighter and more logical as compared to previous versions.
  5. Xeams:- Xeams is an another open source e-mail server software that supports POP3, SMTP, IMAP & works in coordination with  all the major operating systems like Windows, Linux, Solaris, and MacOSX. Xeams comes with a potent spam engine which lets you to modify the rules further. The server controls from a web-based interface which also helps you to monitor the system.
  6. Conjoon:- Conjoon is a web-based free source application, built with the Zend Framework, that concentrates entirely on message exchanging. Presently, it is a full-featured webmail & RSS reader client that comes with easy contacts management. The future releases explain that it will also have an incorporated Twitter client with the numerous accounts aid.

Those were top 6 easy to use and manage free webmail software’s. They are completely free to use. You could easily download them and install on your servers.


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