Top Ecommerce Shopify Niche To Get Into – Earning Guide

Choosing a niche is a process of narrowing your targeted customers. While it is ideal to have a broader audience, it can become a bit overwhelming. Selecting a niche allows you to focus on what your potential customers want and gives you a more structured plan on how to reach them. Focusing on one group can give you the ability to communicate in their language to effectively meet their needs quickly.

There are online tools available so you can determine which niches showcase a consistent interest in a certain period. They are called evergreen niche. You can select the product trend in the past 30 or 90 days, in the last five years, 2004 till present or even customize your time range. Knowing your niche can also help you with your lead generation. There are various ways of increasing your leads; success stories can be found in

Here are few top e-commerce Shopify niches that are not only trendy but also steady:


This has been the top 1 niche in Shopify. This is a category of underwears with a skin-tight fit designed to hold the shape of your body such as:

  • corsets
  • slimming waist belts
  • Trainers
  • tummy control bodysuit
  • butt lifter bodysuits and panties

There are varieties of shapewear available that can be worn under or over clothing. They can come in different style, sizes and color which are essential in meeting your customers’ varying needs.

With social media influencers promoting this product, this will stay in the trend for quite some time.

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Athleisure Apparel

Athleisure has paved its own niche in the clothing industry. Its purpose is to give comfort and durability while still remaining fashionable to its wearer. Items in this category include”

  • leggings
  • headbands
  • sports bras
  • shirts
  • sweatpants

It is designed to be stylish while being gym-ready. With millennials’ growing health consciousness partnered with being athleisure major demographic, it will continue to have an everlasting appeal.

This can also be a way to get an initial entry to the health and fitness market.

Travel Accessories

Travel is a huge niche with plenty of competitors. This is when niching downplays a significant role for your shop’s success.

If your interest or passion does not include travel, this may not be an ideal niche to choose. However, due to its rise, you may want to do some tweaks on your end. If you have the energy to learn about multipurpose accessories useful when traveling and find out solutions to travel dilemmas, then you can still get into this category and even get the leads that you can turn into sales.

Another way of getting into the travel accessories section is conceptualizing your products based on shared sentiments. You may not be a frequent traveler yet when you do travel; you bring your pet with you, so you know how it is to travel with pets. You can then go with accessories to help travelers like you be comfortable in their travels even with pets.


Purchases of smartwatches have shown an upward trend due to the evolving features and style it offers, and the increasing popularity of active, healthy habits. With media influencers in different platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest posting lifestyle shots with their watches complementing the background scenery, the increase in sales will definitely continue to outroar.

If selling this is not your forte, you can continue to benefit from its rising demand by selling smartwatch accessories. Manufacturers pay extra attention on their aesthetics; hence, growing interests of customization and personalization are profitable.

Related imageMinimalist Jewelry
Minimalist jewelry has made quite a ring. This trend made its round, thanks to fashion bloggers and social media influencers who have been seen everywhere inspiring their followers how to get chic and stylish with minimalistic buys. It is an advantage if the can-go-with-anything feat can be emphasized through pictures or videos in any social media channels.

It is okay to come up with different products just as long as you evaluate them, then re-evaluate if needed. Keep in mind that it’s the only one piece of the puzzle. The real job is determining how to market them. That’s why selecting the right niche is vital in a business’ profitability. It is a way to meet a need or solving a problem while fueling your passion.


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