Top gallery plugin for WordPress

Everyone use WordPress for making a website good looking and easy handling. Now if you need photo gallery and search for best photo gallery then i show you a list of some most usable gallery plugin for WordPress. Take a look in down area.

1.Gallery Bank

This is best and stylish gallery plugin, you can use the trial version of this with 2 demo post.You can purchase this in only $8.For demo install plugin here. Sometimes you get a problem in thumbnails, here is the solution for this error.

2.Easy media gallery

In this, you can make all in one page and show music, more .photo slideshow.Media files can be taken from all video websites like Youtube, Google videos, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook and much more.Here is a screenshot of Easy Media Gallery. you can purchase that in 24 $. Install plugin from WordPress

3.GRAND Flash Album Gallery/ FIAGallery

This is a most beautiful plugin for gallery you can watch demo video for this amazing and Stylish gallery.
BUY this and download for you website from here in 25$ Minipack and 35$ GRAND pack and 40 $ GRAND pack+
For screenshot watch this video


This is simple and photo gallery not for videos and other things, but so simple in use.Due to this you can use this free. Here is screenshot and install this from here

5.FB album/Facebook page photo Gallery

This is one of the most powerful plugins, means in this you never need to upload a photo on your website you just post a photo on your Facebook page and then photo update on your website.Install this on your website here  



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