Top Rated Best Applications for Android phones

Top Rated Best  Applications for Andriod :In this digital age, we all love to use various mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPads etc.  Android is the recent technological invention that has taken the world like a storm. Right from the beginning of the day to the end, we all are seen using the one application for the other. The easy to use features and simple approach are the various top advantages of Android that makes it prominent among the millions of the users present worldwide. There are millions and zillions of android application that claim to provide various services. In this article, we have shared a list of top android applications that are a must have in almost every smartphone.  Lets have a quick at all of them:-


Top Rated Best Applications for Android phones

  1. Google Inbox:- If you are a regular and frequent Gmail user, then Google’s Inbox app is a must download for you. It keeps you connected to the inbox entirely, cheering you to get rid of mess, and make it easier to stay
  2. Yahoo Weather:- If you are a regular checker of weather, then this is another great application for you. It keeps you updated of the latest weather information so that you stay safe and secure. It gives you detailed information plus some great pictures of your location from Flickr.yahooweatherappwallpaper
  3. Instagram:- Social media has secured a unique position in our lives. Throughout the day, we remain connected to various social networking platforms, so that we do not miss out the latest gossip in the town. If you are a social media freak, then Instagram is another must have for you.Instagram-for-Android_
  4. Viber:- Viber provides you an easy communication and keep you connected to your loved ones throughout the day. Text, call, and connect as you so choose. As long as you have a Wi-Fi or mobile connection, you can chat or call on this network of nearly 500 million people worldwide.Viber-App-iPhone-Free-Messaging-02
  5. Google maps:- Google maps are another great application that you can download on your phone. It provides you access to the nearby locations and help you locate the place you are currently in. If you are finding difficulty in locating some place, then Google Maps are the right solution for you.
  6. Camera 360 Ultimate:- If you are a photography freak and takes immense pleasure in playing with the settings of the Camera and get appealing results, Camera360 Ultimate is the right choice for you.  Download this application and Hijack the camera on your device with hundreds of settings and features.
  7. Run Keeper:- For all those fitness freaks, Runkeeper is the right choice. Now you can turn your smartphone into a fitness trainer which will keep the record of your activities. You can get detailed information about your workout  and listen to your favorite music all at the same time.
  8. Skype:- If you are fond of making video calls or chatting long hours, Skype makes the right opinion for you. You can use it by creating an account and adding your friends into it and you are done. Set ready to make video calls and chat for hours.


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