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A Quick Mid/Late Game Tip for Pokemon Unite Players

by admin

Hi Pokemon Unite Fans here is Quick tips i would like to share with you guys that i found on reddit and could not resist myself to post here.

Picking the Right Pokemon Build is must but Most of players forgot the main objective in the game as they are busy with fighting each other. Deadnaw is very important objective that you don’t want to give to the enemies.

Dreadnaw spawns at 7:00 min, as such, EVERYONE should make their way to the bottom lane and contest Dreadnaw. If the opposing team tries to contest at any point (depending on the remaining health of Dreadnaw) you should stop attacking it immediately and fight them off of it. It’s an important objective that you can’t afford it being handed over to the opposing team, so you have to be as safe with it at possible.

After you have successfully taken Dreadnaw, (and this part may sound weird but hear me out) DON’T take the first goal post. The reason why you don’t want to dunk those precious points in, is because it allows them to comeback and gain exp and points through the Pokemon that spawn after the goal post is taken. It’s also a lot harder for your team to dunk more points in, because at that point, it’s still early on in the game and the opposing team has the jump pad to easily interrupt you. It’s okay to get the first goal post low, but don’t ultimately take it.

After Dreadnaw you should be grouping up and actively challenging fights against the opposing team to deny exp and hinder their chances of coming back.

Continue to take Dreadnaw everytime it spawns (it spawns every 2 minutes from when it’s taken) and then eventually take Zapdos in the same fashion as you did with the first Dreadnaw to close out the game.

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