Understand How Facebook Works and How to Control Your Information

Facebook Update their Terms and Policies to Understand How Facebook Works and How to Control Your Information. Facebook already give option to control feed of timeline where you can control what feed comes to timeline.



Source: Facebook


 Whats New ?

  • You are in charge.

  • Customize feed – What you want to see from friends & advertisement
Source: facebook

Now Facebook allow you to control your feeds in your timeline, you can

Remove ad from timeline or your friends share link and you do not like that you

can stop that by ” I don’t want to see this ” . Basically this is feedback from you to

update your timeline, If you click ” this is useful ” then timeline increase updating

that.Facebook Also updating their terms, data policy, and cookies policy  to

reflect new features.These changes take effect on 1 jan 2014.

To get in effect of timeline , facebook ask you some basic question about your timeline

mean what you like in this or what you do’t like in your timeline feed.

  • Nearby Around you:

    Facebook going to update location news & friends information, At this time

    facebook allow only show felling and location . After updating policy your get

    update nearby news and nearby frinds. Also you get restaurant menus,what you

    eat, where you are.

  • Buy From here:

    They are try to give you best offer from facebook to buy online anything.Discover

    there and make transaction from there also.


    Mobile interface:

    Facebook app tell you your mobile battery status & network strength. Also ask

    for location of mobile that update with your post.





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