How i make my website in 1hr

How i make my own wordpress website in 1 hr

This is amazing for me when I get my own domain & hosting. After that How, i make my own WordPress website in just 1 hour.That is not difficult for me but need some basic skill.I choose ipage hosting when I make a 1st-time website .Hosting selection is not difficult for me I get some cheap web hosting provider list & go to best support provider then I get ipage hosting from there.I get more discount when I go through referral account of a website now you can go to my ipage referral.Making a new website is a very easy task for me & can be easy for you if you know some basic knowledge of Internet and computer.But SEO of website or increase Alexa rank of the website that is is different task & quite difficult for beginners. If you going to start your own website and new to making a website then follow these step’sHow i make my website in 1hr
Before making my website,  I have complete these basic activity

  • Domain name:- Think about contents of your website and niche of the website according to that you decide your website domain name. Always remember that if your website name is not related to your website content then it is difficult for your visitor to remember website name.Check your domain is already register or not
  • Registration of domain name:- As you decide your domain name then you register your domain name.Here is many website that register your domain and pricing according to their offer’s.
  • Hosting:- Web Hosting is an online space that your purchase for your website. Hosting you can take from any server online or you can buy your own server if you have a large no. of visitors comes.Basically everyone who make blog website take hosting online.If you want to make you want to make a social networking website then you need your own hosting server.Or if you make a college, School website and want security the you need your own server.When you search on google then you get many hosting providers.Some of them give free hosting, but their security is not for trust.

Now website making activity starts that complete in  1 hr or less that depends on the website.

  • Set nameserver in the domain name: – Your hosting provider give you a control panel where you get access of all your website as an admin like a database, file manager, site software, emails etc… Now if you get a domain from the same website then your domain added to your hosting server with nameserver or if your get domain from another website then your must change nameserver in your domain buying website admin panel.
  • Install WordPress in the website: In your web hosting control panel you get site software where you get wordpress.Install wordpress from there in the domain that you want.If you want to install in sub domain then 1st make a sub domain for a website.Sub domain guide for ipage you can read in my last post
  • Install a theme in WordPress: Theme installation in wordpress in not difficult but before this you must find a perfect WordPress theme for your website.
  • Basic SEO activity: This is important for your website to get traffic from search engines.Read here basic guide of seo.


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