wifi driver not found

“wifi driver not found” this is  problem with some old laptops or install window not compatible to system .Now i find a solution of using your laptop wifi when you does not have source of downloading driver or your system wifi driver not found on internet. Basically this feature is in window for troubleshooting the network connection.This auto diagnose the problem of driver and solve this. But as possible as you give first priority to system driver. Because hardware of wifi give better response under driver software. Here is some steps for troubleshooting the network error:

  1.  Go to your wifi icon in below-right corner.and right click on that and click to “Open network and sharing center
  2. In Network and sharing center click on “troubleshoot problem“.wifi
  3. Next a new page open,here you click on “Internet connection”wifi2
  4. After click on that a popup window open and your network diagnose start Internet connection
  5. Now trouble shoot problem automatically ,you just click next .
  6. first problem will be find and then “Apply to fix” option is appear on screen click on that and your problem is solved.
  7. Now restart the laptop and your wifi will be start

Note:-These steps and done in window 8 ,in window 7 these may be change but procedure will be same. This one is “Do it yourself” work for you.

I you have any problem you can write in comment below.



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