Hi If you are new to League of Legend Wild Rift then this guide will help you alot. Mundo As my Main i am happy that no one buys executioner’s calling or bramble vest in the early game. But at the same time, it really irritates me that no one in my team buys a Grievous Wounds item when the enemy team is dependent on healing.

I am gonna list all the champions that rely on healing, and when you see these in the game, and you are lanning against them, please, rush to

  • Executioner’s calling when youre an AD champion
  • Bramble Vest if you’re a tank
  • Morellonomicon if you’re a mage

List of champion with Healing Ability: •

  • Dr. mundo, his ultimate and passive heal him by a lot, its the main reason why he is so strong
  • Soraka, Nami, Sona, they’re all healers.
  • Nasus, passive gives him physical vamp
  • Master Yi, Meditate + items
  • Fiora, Yasuo, and Jax, they all have insane healing mid to late, you dont need to necessarily rush grievous wounds against them, i recommend getting the Grievous wounds item second when going up against them.

Source – Reddit by u/ImAmOnesie

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