5 factor on which google adsense earning depends

Earning with adsense means you have to take care of your blog by yourself.Maximum blogger give up after some of time of using adsense because adsense sometime give you much more money daily or sometime google get unexpecting earning down.These up down google adsense earning depends on  few factor that i seen from last 1-2 year & how to get out from these bad effective factors here i solved out.google adsesne

Recently i have written about tricks & tips to increase adsense revenue where you can get ethical way to increasing adsense earning.

  1. CTR(click-through rate):-In adsense there is two type of CTR measure one is page CTR & Impression CTR both are same but which is good effective for our adsense earning that is our motto in this article.I am justifying adsense for each type of post in my this blog,when i have high traffic then my both page CTR  & impression CTR obviously low that is good but earning not so much.So after deep reading from top seo learning websites & from adsense experiments i get CTR obviously not help to increase adsense earning but help our blog/website to make reputation in google adsense.Now question is “how we control CTR ” so our blog/website reputation maintain in google adsense. When i talk to someone about CTR then i found CTR can reach 100% to 200% but i don’t believe this because if CTR reach 100% or 200% means website traffic is not so much or that is because website traffic is not enough from particular country where get click.I am find perfect solution of this but still i thinking if we get click from those country then we should focus on getting some traffic from there also.
  2. CPC(Cost per click):-If you know few things about CPC then i am sure you know how to work with high CPC keyword .This is the main source of earning high from google adsesne.You always listen that some of blogger says we are not getting more earning from google adsense after high CTR & high website traffic but some of the people says we earn so much & they have low website traffic & low alexa rank so how these both condition occurs .This is the reason of CPC of google adsense -inshort “Amount of earning from google ads per click”.CPC of ads are decided by google adsense & some country have already high CPC like US,UK & CA.Other than these Keyword CPC can also matter as per blog niche.
  3. Blog Niche:-This is about your expertise in any of the field , if your blog have single niche then you get good traffic , high popularity, google reputation.Some of the niche are hub of earning like – insurance, health, beauty, hosting, google products.Single niche blog are high earning source because google always take them in 1st page & obviously good traffic comes to blog & relevant ads show on the blog as per niche.But if you have multi niche blog then i am not tell you that you earn nothing from blog.In multi niche blog earning is 50% low then single niche blog.
  4. Ad-units & Ad placement:I have already discussed about ad placement in the blog & where you get good click & where you get high impression.A well mannered ad placement in the blog is a part of your blog designing.This is recommended for each adsense user to use ad-units that are recommended by google adsense.I am always suggest you to use text & display ads both.This is my experimental thoughts with adsense that if you use both text & display ads then your earning increase 20-30%.
  5. Website traffic:As i write above a single niche blog may have good traffic but multi niche have high traffic so from earning with adsense is directly proportional to website traffic.A normal blog have more than 60k-70k website traffic & new blog should try to reach these position after that think about high earning .If you see analytic snapshot of other blogger then you get motivated.Recently i write about how to get website traffic from social websites

So these 5 basic fundamental of adsense on which adsense earning depends.I hope you follow these & keep patience to earn from blog.



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