Best 5 Tips Before Start Programming (Coding)

Best 5 Tips Before Start Programming (Coding) :It is rightly said that learning programming is not a cup of tea for everyone.  You need to have an interest and concentration in order to learn the nuances of programming.  In this article,  we have explained a brief guide on how to learn programming in a quick and easy way.  There are  lot many things you can do to make your programming learning experience fun and interesting.  As there are various programming languages available, you need to determine your area of interest so that it can be easy for you to grab the basic principles of programming easily.

Best way to learn programming

  1. Decide your area of interest:- There are various branches of computers available into which you can make your career. But prior to that you need to decide on what  fantasizes you most. If you an interest in web development, you can likewise choose to learn web development languages or if you desire web designing more, then similarly you can opt for those languages. It all depends which programming gives you satisfaction more.
  2. Start learning with simpler language:- Instead of directly jumping to high level  languages, you should always start with learning low level languages.  These low level languages are specially designed for beginners so that they can get to know about the basic concepts and develop their thought process to solve various problems.  The two widely used languages in this category are Ruby and Python.  They revolve around the basic concept of “object oriented language”.
  3. Widen your research abilities:- During the process of learning, do not limit yourself to several notes and books, but widen your area of research. It will help you to develop your thought process and improve your research abilities. Try to search tutorials of these languages and start practicing simple programs on your own. This way you can learn more in a shorter period of time.
  4. Install necessary software:- There are many programming languages that require compilers, debuggers and translators to translate the code into machine understandable language.  While, other languages require interpreters which execute programs without compiling. To meet the varied needs of the various programming languages, you need to install the necessary software upon which code related to these programming languages can be easily executed. There is an assortment of code editors available online. These programs offer dissimilar ways of highlighting, syntax and provide other developer-friendly tools.
  5. Concentrate on one concept at a time:- You might remember when you developed your first program as “hello world”. This is a very simple program that display “hello world” on the screen. This program teaches beginners how to write code with proper syntax to display desired results on the screen.  There are thousands of code examples available online for every programming language. Use these examples to observe how various aspects of the language work and how the different parts interact.

Those were 5 simple yet easy ways, following which you can learn the nuances and basic principles of any programming language.


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  1. If you don’t get that language is tool, none of the rest of it matters…. Work on more projects or thriough several iterations on one. Preferably with other developers. Good practices will happen in self defence, and each change will soon make you question whether the practice is still good. One other tip, despite everything you learn about how to do the job properly resign yourself to endless biodges, juvenile design decision and endless rework, because in corporateville , good enough will do. If you feel this means you don’t have to bother learning to do it properly, you aren’t a programmer.

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