Best seo tools to check your keyword position in google (3)

Best seo tools to check your keyword position in google

I check all my keyword position manually in google just before i get a perfect tool that update keyword position in a short time after changing keyword position in google.After using a number of keyword position checker tools i get few tools are best for anyone.I get many problems when i use local tools that give wrong data & divert me to focus on those keywords that are ranked lower.In one of the tool i get my page ranked on 4th page of google & that tool show me on 2nd page.This type of problem can change your mind that just give some time to this keyword in just few day this will come on 1st page but actually you are ranked lower & you doesn’t get actual position of your keyword until you check it manually.This is fact that every keyword position checker tool take some time but that is not so much.

I have use all these after that i recommend you because i do not want that you also suffer with same problem that i faces.Here you get free keyword position checker & premium keyword position checker both.I recommend you to use 1st trial & after that you take premium version of that software.Best seo tools to check your keyword position in google (3)

I get these best tools on the basis of their fast & actual results from google

Here is a list of best keyword position checker :

I am using all these tools after that i recommend you to use as per your requirement. Here i give you only list with few description & snapshots.Tools tutorial i will make in
other posts.After compare their results with few similar keywords of my website i get which is better for keyword position tracking.


When i am finding for best keyword tracking tool , i found this in a site where this tool recommended & i signup there for just trial. I get this tool only for checking keyword position on google  & not only just checking position but this tool track your keyword position.After tracking all keyword position daily this make a status graph for your keyword position.I get amazing & one of the best things in this tool that i am searching for in every keyword position checker tools that is this tool update position result faster than other tools.This tool is free & premium as well , in the free version you can add 100 keywords & 20 websites.Here is  snapshot of SERP Preview

ranktrakr snap
ranktrakr snap 2

SERP Preview of Ranktraker


Everyone knows SEMrush is one of the best seo tools.But in this i also get a problem that is keyword position results update after few time later.In this manner i show you first ranktrackr tool.There is no doubt that this tool give more information about your website then ranktrckr, but in update result just slower.This tool is free as well as available in premium version.In this tool keyword position tracking is shown by graph but show avg. position of all keywords.Here is a snapshot of this visibility trends

SEMrush SEMrush keyword tracker

link-assistant (Rank Tracker)

This tool is best in update results on time & give much more information about website keywords.But this tool is good in premium version , in free version most of the options are closed.This is not online but available in UI software platform.One more things about this tool that is availability of  this tool  for windows, MAC & Linux.Most of the professional SEO analyst recommend this software. Here is screenshot of this toolsRank Tracker

If you see all these tool in snapshots all have same keywords of my blog but there is small difference in results of SEMrush .Later i will make a perfect tutorial of all these keywords position tracking tools with examples.




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