3 SEO Digital Marketing Strategies for Affiliates

A lot of people who want to earn passive income online starts with affiliate marketing. As defined by Pat Flynn, an American entrepreneur known for “Smart Passive Income,” affiliate marketing is “the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products.” You find a product or service in your niche that you like, promote it to your audience, and earn a profit for sales that come from your unique link.

There are so many platforms where you can be an affiliate, and it’s not very difficult to do. However, not everyone can do it effectively, even with the help of digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). In this article, you’ll be given three strategies on how you can promote your products online as an affiliate.

  1. Reviewing the product

One of the most common ways affiliates promote products is through reviews. Reviews are vital to consumers, especially when they are interested in a product but need more convincing. If your reviews catch their attention, appeal to them, and answer the questions that they have, there is a high chance that after reading your review, they’d go ahead and click on that affiliate link and complete the purchase. You can either review through a blog or vlog, whichever you are most comfortable with.

Here are a few things you need to remember with reviews:

  • Be honest. An honest review points out both the good and the not-so-good in a product or service. While sales earn you income, leaving out details, especially when they aren’t so favorable, can cause your audience to stop trusting your reviews. You can search webmarketing123.com for some examples of honest reviews.
  • Use the product yourself. As the cliché goes, “experience is the best teacher.” If you want to be seen as an expert in your niche, you have to try and use the products yourself. It’s best to pick products that you think you’ll like.
  • Be conversational. A conversational tone makes you review personal and authentic, rather than reading from a script.
  • Don’t forget to research keywords and make your content SEO friendly, especially in the case of writing blogs.
  1. Email marketing

Email marketing is still relevant, even if others think it isn’t anymore. No other platform can allow you to reach your audience in a definite way, especially with the ever-changing social network algorithms.

Regular emails or newsletters will tell your subscribers what the new products are and will keep them updated with whatever you have to announce or promote. Build an email list by encouraging your audience to subscribe to your blog. Here are some ideas with email marketing:

  • Learn how to double your website traffic. The more readers you will have, the higher the probability of getting more people on your email list.
  • Offer subscribers discounts, vouchers, freebies, and so on, as an incentive for subscribing to your blog.
  • Don’t spam your subscriber with promotional emails. A good frequency is once or twice a month. If you really have a lot going on, once a week will do.
  • Keep your emails simple.
  1. Social media sharing

Social media is a powerful tool to catch attention, establish a connection, and persuade on a call-to-action. If you’re an affiliate who doesn’t take advantage of social media, then you’re falling behind the pack.
Research what social media platform your audience use and determine the channel that is suitable for the product you’re promoting. A few strategies with social media campaigns are as follows:

  • Build and grow your network. Contribute by giving tips and advice to people in your niche, answering industry questions, and so on. When you participate, people will be interested in your expertise and visit your social media pages.
  • Don’t neglect including quality product images. Graphical representations appeal to the brain in ways that text cannot.
  • Alternate your media. Don’t hesitate to use videos and user-generated-content (UGC) in your social media campaigns because they are seen to add to being authentic.
  • Be an influencer in your niche. Build a profile that influences people in your industry by promoting products and companies with a good reputation or known to be of good quality. A company’s tarnished profile can affect yours, not only in sales.
  • Join other groups in your niche. This is an excellent way to expand your reach and know more about another community that can give you insights on how you should strategize your marketing.
  • Offer giveaways and promotions. These strategies spread like wildfire when done with careful planning, simple mechanics, and catchy offers.
  • Optimize your campaigns for social media searches by using hashtags, geotags, and other features.

Final Thoughts
Affiliate marketing is not dead, and more people are getting into this method of passive income as the trend continues to rise. To ensure that you stand out from thousands of affiliates, use the digital marketing and SEO tips listed above to get you started and to generate more income from those clicks. Everyone wants to earn money while they sleep, and now you can, too.


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