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Bussiness travel app: Travelling for business requires careful planning, including managing your reservations, information on flights, and business expense. Such a trip is often very exhausting, since you are torn between business meetings and having time just for yourself. However, being in a rush does not have to be so stressful, especially nowadays, when there are so many applications that make our life much easier. Here bussiness travel app are five of them that are particularly appropriate for business travellers.


  1. For the itinerary – TripIt

This fantastic application makes itinerary planning easy, helping you manage your travel reservations. It keeps track of your flights, car rentals, hotel bookings, meeting information, and much more. TripIt organises the data into a calendar, makes them easily accessible. All you need to do is to forward reservation confirmation emails, and the application will build the most amazing plan of your business trip. Its premium version will even help you rebook a flight in case of cancellation and tell you if you are eligible for a fare refund.


  1. Local Finds – AroundMe

If you are not sure where to find exactly what you are looking for – don’t worry. AroundMe will help you find what you need by analysing services and businesses around you. No matter whether you need a bank, gas station or a coffee shop – this app is here to help you with all your requests. It allows simple access to local information – just map your target and use directions to go there, without getting lost.

  1. Offline Maps – City Maps 2Go Lite

This application is especially useful for you if you are in a particular city for the first time and you need its map, but without paying roaming fees. It offers insider tips that will help you enjoy in discovering new places. Maps 2Go offers more than 6,700 navigation maps from around the world that do not require data connection. What is more important – it is not limited merely to city centres, since it covers even smaller towns. First two maps are free of charge.Different kind of

  1. Business expense – Trippeo

This travel app will help you track, submit and get reimbursed for your business expense during a particular trip. Syncing your calendar and credit card will allow Trippeo to automatically log expenses that are associated with business ventures right to your smartphone. Expense reports are simple to build and send to your managers for approval. Besides that, once the submitted report is approved, reimbursements are allocated in the next 24 hours.


  1. Air Travel – Flight +

This app is your ultimate air travel companion. In case of flight delay, you will be the first one to know. It covers more than 16,000 airports and all major carriers in the world. An amazing and easy-to-navigate layout puts all the information you need into one place – departure and arrival times, seat maps, routes, and not only that – Flight + will sync itinerary with your calendar.



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  1. Raul Harman Avatar
    Raul Harman

    Trippeo and AroundMe are absolute essentials! 😀

  2. John Stone Avatar

    Great stuff , I’ll try it out for my next holiday, thanks!

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