twikster review

Make product selling store online easy by twikster eCommerce software

eCommerce in India is on a rise and is only going to grow in the coming years. While this is happening, why should you lag behind? Wondering how you can create an online store for your business? Here are the options you have:

twikster review
twikster review
  1. Approach a web-development company – Approaching a company directly for a start-up might not be the best option for you as developing a website from scratch is very time consuming and cost heavy. In today’s day, time is money. So the more you delay the process of launch, the more you stand to lose. There are pros to this approach as well which is mainly the fact that you hand over the entire tech work to another company allowing you to focus on other things you are more acquainted to.
  2. Approaching a Freelancer – Now this may seem like a better option than the one above due to the fact that Freelancers are more cost-effective than companies but this also comes with it’s own set of cons. The main reason why businesses don’t prefer freelancers is because of uncertainty of availability.
  3. SaaS Platforms – This option has been in the market for a while and is the most preferred one at the moment. SaaS platforms are plug-and-play models where you have to choose a template, add your logo, add your products and other website information and start selling in a week’s time. This is time effective and does not need any tech know-how as well. It solves almost all the issues that you have with outsourcing your development efforts. And the best part? It is definitely the most affordable option available and is apt for SMB’s especially. One such SaaS platform is Twikster.


Twikster, co-founded by Namrata Soni, started out with the aim to enable SMB’s to create their own online store. It has now grown to become a one-stop solution for every SMB to create their online stores, sell on marketplaces, manage their digital presence, gauge their online performance through analytics and drive traffic to their stores. With the launch of it’s product, Twikster EDGE, it is the ONLY e-commerce enabler that comes with an easy way to manage, control and grow your online presence by helping you drive traffic to your store!

twikster online store
twikster online store

Here’s how Twikster makes creating, managing and growing your eCommerce store easy as pie:


  1. Drive traffic to your stores through Twikster EDGE. Here’s what this tool allows you to do:
    Post great CONTENT to over 10 social media platforms at once. The more content you post, the better your SEO.

    – Interact with your CUSTOMERS where they hang-out and give them offers to drive them to your store.

    – Analyze the PERFORMANCE of your brand on all social media platforms and google analytics from one dashboard – simplified so you can understand it better.

    – View what your COMPETITION is doing and keep up to speed with them.

    – Track what customers are doing on your store and see where they are coming from – so you can manage your AD SPEND accordingly.

  2. The FOREVER FREE option on twikster allows store owners to create their online store at absolutely no cost. This allows store owners to try and test the platform and only once they are satisfied, they can go ahead and upgrade and become a WIN/ Preferred customer. All you’ve got to do is Sign Up on and get started!twikster signup
  3. The unique pay-as-you-go model that was launched earlier this year breaks down every eCommerce component to it’s root allowing store owners to grow and expand as they wish and as their pocket allows. You get 50+ default features with every eCommerce store in the paid plans and other feel-good features can be bought additionally. These add-ons include Facebook Store, Mobile App, Live Chat, Whatsapp Share and many more.twikster social
  4. Twikster offers 40+ themes for store owners to choose for. And if you don’t want to choose any of the pre-existing themes, you can get the Twikster Tech Gurus to help you develop a new theme exclusively for your store.twikster store inside image
  5. Every Twikster store comes with integrated Payment Gateways. They’ve got all the leading Payment options available including PayU, PayTm, Instamojo, CCAvenue, DirecPay, EBS and PayPal. Apart from this, they also have Logistic Tie-Ups in place – FedEx, Delhivery, Aramex, RoadRunnr, Ecom Express and Parcelled. Leverage the pre-negotiated rates that they have worked out with these providers and don’t get into the dirty side of things.
  6. Every Product, Category and Static Page on Twikster allows for Meta Titles, Descriptions, tags and Friendly URL’s to be added. You can also submit your Sitemap to the Google Webmasters tool which will help improve the website’s SEO and give it higher rankings on Search Engines.twikster seo


Sign up today and get started with your online stor(e)y at


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