ChatOnGo for Business: The future of Enterprise Communication

What are one of the biggest challenges that organizations face today? Communication gaps and employee attrition rates within an organization. Organizations can’t afford a high rate in either of these. This makes information management vital. If you don’t disclose proper information about a project to the concerned people, the project might suffer incurring losses for the organization. This may turn out to be demotivating and frustrating for some employees, leading them to leave the organization. If you do disclose all information, a bigger risk haunts the purpose. An employee leaving the organization and leaking sensitive information to the new employer is one thing that restricts organizations to limit information. What if I told you that there is an app out there to solve this?

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‘ChatOnGo for Business’ is an Enterprise Social Network that bridges the gaps between communication and privacy. This business communication app not only ensures a convenient bi-directional flow of information but also gives you total control of who views the information. This is a paid app; however, you can still download and add up to 25 members with an invite for free (this limit might increase in future). Every person who downloads the app without an invite is the Owner of the app. This amazing communication tool lets you remove the employees who have left the organization from the app. Once removed, they lose access to every information ever posted on the app. The sensitive information stays protected, reducing instances of information leakages.

ChatOnGo features

ChatOnGo gives you what other social networking apps don’t offer. Let me introduce you to the features of the app.

  1. INTERCOM GROUPS: Once you subscribe to the app and download the app, it lets you create as many groups as you want and add as many people as you want by sending invites (with the number falling below the user limit you subscribe to). Since you would be the one who subscribes to the app, you will be titled the “Owner” of the app. This means that you have complete control of everything that goes on the app, more like the admin of the app rather than just a group. You can make other people Owners of the app as well.

The title of “Admin” comes below the Owner. You can limit someone to the Admin of a group so they only control what is going on in an intercom group. These groups can be used to dissipate and collect information.

  1. NEWSFEED: Newsfeed allows an app member to view the posts from all the posts with the ones with the latest activity on the top. This gives you an overview of the activity in all the groups in one go.
  2. NEW DISCUSSION: When you start a new discussion, you get access to all the smart tools for messaging for this app. This feature lets you dissipate information through picture and document sharing. It also lets you collect it through our Smart Message tool. Now, share and collect information with just a click.
  3. SMART MESSAGE: This feature lets you collect information. You can ask a question in a group demanding the answer in the format you choose. You can get information in the form of single, multiple, quantitative, multi-quantitative or even in the classic Yes/No form. This feature makes data available on real time basis. Not only can you control who sees the information, you can also schedule it to be recur periodically.


  1. GENERATE METRICS: The data you collect through smart messages can be collated to generate reports of the information. In case of scheduled messages, it can give you even the combined reports for any period.This lets you see how the data has varied in the past to predict the data in future, making it easier for you to design a business strategy.
  2. CATEGORY AND FILTER: You tag the information you post to fall under a certain colour coded category that the Owner of the app has created. This feature makes sifting through the posts to find the ones relevant to your interests.

You can also Filter the posts based on who they were posted by or by the duration they were posted in. Additionally, you can use the Search option to look for posts that contain keywords relevant to you.



  1. TASK MANAGEMENT: This feature lets you assign tasks to your employees with a deadline. You can also track if the task is completed or delayed. This feature not only lets you keep a track of the employees who work hard to meet deadlines but also to know which ones slack off.


The app also acts as a business messenger allowing peer to peer chat privately. ChatOnGo is designed to increase team collaboration, so a team working on a project can give it their best. This corporate chat app provokes a healthy competition among the employees when they know their progress is being tracked through the enterprise social network.

This app provides a lot more than just this. The app can be customized to include exclusive features for a client, since you cannot generalise what businesses in various sectors need. This app has been exclusively designed to make communication gaps obsolete.

The provider for the app even gives you the option to have a White Label app. This means you can have the app with your organisation’s name with all ChatOnGo features. ChatOnGo has been created by Nimap Infotech, a company which has been in the application and software development domain for almost a decade. ChatOnGo is currently being used by Dena Bank and Bhinmal Jain Sangh (under white label) for group messaging and utilising maximum potential of the power of communication.

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