From Online To Offline: The Tech Pros Who Are Going Old School

Around four million Indians work in the online technology industry as software developers, IT technicians and more, and that number is growing and growing. As the Times of India reports, many of these people work remotely – helping businesses around the world from the comfort of their own home. But what happens when those people decide that they want to do something a little more hands-on?

Step forward the rise of the offline tech worker. It’s becoming increasingly common for those who are used to a life of technology work to challenge themselves to lead a less tech-focused life, and one way to do this is to start working “in-person” instead. Here are some tips on how online technology professionals can transform their online businesses into something a little more real-world.

Technician work

Although it might seem to many remote tech workers like the world has been almost entirely computerised, that’s obviously not the case. Many organisations still focus on in-person work: the skills bases in schools, hospitals, construction sites and many more are all practical or mental rather than technological. Tech is simply one tool among many in these settings.

That means there’s a golden opportunity for tech-savvy people who want a bit more of a hands-on experience to help those who work in these places make the most of their kit. A technician who travels to work onsite must use practical skills to help others in the classroom or workplace, for example, and this could be a great use of your abilities. It also means you get to talk to others every day, which is a real boon for those who feel lonely behind a screen.

Boost business value

Many Indian businesses are still offline. Everyone from street food vendors to florists still rely on word of mouth for their business’ growth, but there’s no reason to think that they won’t change their minds if they’re persuaded of the value of tech. If you’re a web designer or marketer who can demonstrate the customer base expansion value of Internet marketing to offline businesses, you could set yourself the challenge of visiting a whole range of in-person stores and hustling for contract work.

It would certainly get you away from your screen and desk and into your community – and build your own client portfolio in the process. You don’t even need to offer services as specialist as small business web design or software development, either. You could offer to help older and less tech-savvy business people use the web to find suitable business services deals, for example, or assist them in setting up an e-filing account to pay their tax online.

Working in tech can be rewarding, but it has its downsides too. As a result, getting out of the office and “going offline” can be a great move. From small business web design work to technician contracts, there are plenty of ways you can get the balance just right.


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