Future of Dating Industry and Apps

Chief futurist of Google Raymond Kurzweil predicts that the technological singularity, that is the point of development of technology, after which human brain will not be able to perceive the development of the world, will happen already in 2045. And no matter how threatening these prospects sound, it’s worth starting with a simple question – how many functions does one of your smartphones perform today? From the door key and purse to the alarm clock, player, and library. And even in this seemingly intangible sphere, as human relations, technological progress has affected very much.

Over the past 15 years, dating services have gone so far from “just dating” that it is predicted that soon they will replace dating in real life and become a full-fledged social network like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We decided to look into the future and find out what the future holds for the next 5-20 years, analyzed the technological trends and the psychological aspects of each of them.

Trend 1. Involvement of smartwatches and fitness trackers in dating

Integration of the heart rate monitor will help the application to remember, from whose photos your pulse speeded up, accordingly, who is the most sympathetic to you. Roughly speaking, the application will form in its memory “your type” and offer the closest candidates to it. That is, the service will not just pick up a suitable pair for you, but find someone who will make your heart beat faster. By the time when the development of technology will allow monitoring of brain activity too, it will be possible to form a type based on impulses. According to the study of anthropologists Helena Fisher and Semira Zeki, who studied the brain activity of students in a state of love, she is very different from the normal state.

Trend 2. The rating system in the dating services

In one episode of the British television-dystopia “Black Mirror”, the life of each of the characters is directly dependent on the rating that aggregates the activity of a person in social networks, and also enables the rest to rate him or her according to the principle of Uber service. Even the possibility to rent accommodation in a prestigious district is provided only to those whose rating is not lower than 4.5 out of 5. Some rating services already have a rating system. Now, for example, in Badoo, it works on the following principle: the more people like your photos, adding you to favorites and just browsing the profile, the more you appear in the “Dating” section and the more people can contact you. The application also suggests using additional options to enhance your popularity.

Trend 3. Rendezvous in VR to save time

A little more time will pass, and there will be no need to leave the house to go on a date with someone you have met on dating website. The high speed of digital data transmission will make it possible for visits in virtual reality. So, people from all over the world can meet without leaving the comfort of their own home. The additional value of this trend – it also saves time. After chatting online, you can meet with the person you like face to face, but do not waste time on the road or not meet in a crowded place. Technology will not only allow you to see a person but hold him or her by the hand, smell and touch.

Trend 4. Smart lenses for tips and tracking the physiological reactions of the interlocutor

Imagine a world in which awkward pauses in communication will disappear as a phenomenon. Based on the results of the research, the scientists came to the conclusion: data processing will become even more effective because the technologies will be able to “fuel” the conversations that have been started, searching for information and interesting facts on the topic under discussion. Artificial intelligence will analyze video and audio information, process it and instantly give feedback to the user. In addition, smart lenses, as well as day-and-day services, will be able to remember and shape the image of the ideal match for the user and to look for people closest to this ideal in social networks or on the street.


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