How to double your website traffic in one month

From last 1 month i am working on website traffic generation & online marketing.This is my case study for just double your website on increasing website traffic.I am sharing my experience in this post, you can use this in your website.Actually getting huge traffic in website is so much difficult, but  not impossible.When i am working on my as a part-time i have not so much traffic & not so much earning .After working with strategies my blog & website growing continuously.After hard working i have reach my target of getting website traffic just double.So let’s come to detail & deep of increasing website traffic.

  1. Review site SEO & Crawling :

    This important for 1st time because everything depends on your website seo & webmaster insights. If your website is not proper optimized for search engine then your all effort on website fail.So what you should have to check for SEO of website,here i write in brief you can read in detail about this on ” Smart search engine optimization tips for beginners“.
    Checklist for SEO :

    • Website should have proper title & meta tags
    • Design of website should have responsive
    • Images in the website must have alt text.
    • Blog post must be proof read

    Checklist for crawling :

    • Website must by configured with google,yahoo, bing webmaster
    • Submit website in other small search engines & websites
    • Submit website in directory like Dmoz
    • Check crawling error in webmaster tools.If have crawling error in pages then you must fix them.
    • If you have more than one sitemap of website then all must be added in webmaster tools of search engine
    • Website speed must not be low.
  2. Internet Marketing strategies :

    From here actual guide starts for increase website traffic.Actually if you have a good & reputed profile on web then this will be easy for you to gain visitors fast.Let suppose a popular TV celebrity shared their photo on social web then in just few minutes they get so much likes & follow.Just like that you should have to make your own social profile on Facebook,twitter,LinkedIn,Instagram etc…I am not suggesting you to become like hero but i want to teach you that if you share then everyone read your post.That build by trust on you about your knowledge.So this called internet marketing that i am using to build traffic to my website.Now we come to internet market strategies for generating website/blog traffic.

    • As much as possible get more follower on social websites.:If you have this question in mind “how to get” then i have solution of this also.Social website have unique algorithm that is to post daily 1,2,3,4,5.. times in a day & get more popularity on social website (you can say this as a trick to get more follower on social website but i am using this & getting good response).So it depends on you what you share & which type of reputation you build.If you post links of post daily & not posting any thoughtful post then you obviously you get nothing.
    • Use tools for automation of link post share:I suggest you to use these tools for share your post & you just share thoughtful post on social websites, that is more beneficial for getting website traffic.These internet marketing tools not only for sharing website links but for other things also.
  3. Email Marketing for regular traffic :

    Email marketing is one of the best & mostly used in each website/blog.For blogs email marketing help to increase website traffic when you attract people from your content & increase email subscriber.But in other website your product & value of your website is fully depends on sale.For product based website should buy mailer & start email marketing with good html email design.

    • Email marketing tips: Email marketing is not just send link of website in mail.Email marketing is way of attracting user by few things like email subject,email designs ,relevant content in email. If you send rough email to customer then he ignore your mail or some of them unsubscribe from your website.So always send professional email to customer & if possible send infographic mail.
    • Tools for Email marketing:Hand on email marketing is quite difficult & you will never reach to your milestone.So for doing fast & sending multiple mails automatically you must use email marketing tools.As i have listed these tools for internet marketing business only so you can use these internet marketing tools
  4. Audience analysis:

    This is quite challenging & important for generating website traffic.If you don’t know about target audience then how you make content strategy to grow website.Now question is “From where & how to analysis audience” and this is simple, you are using google webmaster & google analytic tools for your website these are the best place to analysis your website coming audiences.Now how to analysis ,just follow me below

    • Queries analysis:For going deep in your website you should analysis your query each month end.For this you get on which query your website come in google search result either that stands on any of the position.You can also check these in your webmaster account.Now what to do after checking query – this is right choice for anyone to ask.After that you export these & segregate each similar query.After that you put these query in your post on which these query run in google.By this you get more traffic on website from more keywords.
  5. Trusted & Thoughtful post:

    Why i am writing this in website traffic generating post because if you write anything on the post than that have zero meaning for audience & for search.So your blog post or product page must have enough beneficial content so that coming audience read full blog post or view detail of product. But here we are talking about website traffic so you must have some creative thing on landing page for coming audience.So same question is here “How to do so” but answer is quite different.For making attractive content you take care of few things in mind like

    • With impressive title:As you know title show everywhere on search result, social shared post,email subjects,Rss feeds etc.. so just think about it if you write attractive & new title (new means not treading title) of post then there is 90%+ possibility to click people & come to your website for read.
    • Image curiosity :  When you seen any kind of different looking image on web then definitely click on image & go to website for detail.Just like that you use for your website, use an attractive feature image that light up curiosity of people for getting detail about this.I think that same question is also rolling in your mind ” How to & from where make feature image”.I have solution of this for you as i already send to you on internet marketing listed tools  where you can use last 2 tools for this.
  6. Show your personal strength in community  :

    Community is the best way of showing your talent & making reputation on the web.Join some popular forms & try to keep in touch to problems of peoples.Website traffic is directly proportional to your availability on popular forums.These few  popular forum you can join like warriorforum,,copyblogger.

  7. Link building for website/blog:

    For making website popular & come top search result this is important.If your website have more links than your website get more popularity & get much more traffic from search engines.Now question is “How to build links for blog”

    • Interlinking: This is internally in your website with keyword anchor text .But that must be related to post or anchor text.
    • Guest post:Guest post is simple & good way of making site linking .This also help you to get popular in social web & also driving traffic to your website if you guest post on popular blog.
    • Backlink:One of the important & long time helpful strategy for any website/blog.There is not only one way of making backlink but have so many ,some  of these we have cover in this post like , social website, guest post & other is by making genuine comment on blog on your niche.



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  1. Good Information Thank For The Publish But Here is A Little Trick To Get More Views on Website

    1. ALTAF: this is experimental guide follow all steps you definitely get good response in your website.

  2. Imran Khan Avatar
    Imran Khan

    Yes, agree with these basic steps. But care also needs to be taken about quality of the content of your blog/website.

  3. happy valentines day Avatar
    happy valentines day

    good as it is going to increase traffic on my new website

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