how to transfer file between desktop and android mobile

This is good for everyone who are using android phone , you can transfer file between desktop to android mobile and android mobile to desktop/laptop in window 7,8 even in MAC. Airdroid app used for this transfer without usb cable . This app is beneficial for you when you are in travelling and forget usb cable or any other situation .

How you transfer files ?

Airdroid basically a web based software by which you transfer files if you are authenticate means if you registered their then you can use this software.After that you can download & upload files .Files you have upload their are store in cloud which you can download upto 1 week.You can drag drop files  when you install this software in your operating system.One more thing if your both mobile & desktop on same network i mean on one wifi network then file transfer very fast.

How to use Airdroid ?

Airdroid available for window, web, MAC & mobile i give you demo for all these type :you just continue with me

airdroid v3
  • Airdroid v 3.0 for Web :

Airdroid for web is run in your web browsers ( Chrome, internet explorer , Firefox, Opera mini, safari ) and store your data on web cloud.

 Here is how’s it look in web browser >

Few Steps for using android web version:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up with email, facebook, google.
  3. Install airdroid in your android mobile.
  4. add your android device by scanning QR code (Your both account will be same )

  5. After connecting you access file of android mobile on your airdroid web version & where you can add file to mobile by drag from mobile folder to airdroid & airdroid web to mobile.
  • Airdroid for windows :

Airdroid work same as in web all features are same as in your web version.One thing this is easy to drag drop from computer folder to window application of airdroid.

  • Airdroid mobile snapshots :

Source: Google Play
Source: Google Play
airdroid v3 mobile
Source: Google Play


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