Strong Password Generator

shutterstock_87170332Strong password is so much necessary for every internet user for preventing their account from hack. This is very useful for your bank account, mail account & other office cloud account etc… Now let me explain in detail why you use strong password & what kind of strong password you have to choose.

Here is so many way you can guess password but every time either you guess by your username, your first & last name Or your e-mail &

you know most hacking password is not hack they just guess by following you or by your form submission on unknown websites or get information anywhere like Facebook profile, Google+, LinkedIn etc…

Most of the hacking in the world by your similar account password using suppose i give you example that i get from experts:

Someone want to hack your facebook account for some time then he start following you either he is your friend or unknown. Different way he using to get your password like:

  1. Start guessing your password by your facebook profile.
  2. If he is your close friend the he can install keylogger in your laptop, So be aware from this activity.
  3. Then he using send spam mail to you then you click on that & form for filling open if your fill detail & that is same as facebook password then he got his destination here.

Like this so much ways of hack, So i suggest you to use different password for password for your different account.But that is difficult for remember if using strong password , for such situation i make strong password generator tool.First your take a Demo of that & then i explain that.

Strong Password Generator

 This tools generate 10-12 character & send to your mail that you write in form, This not store your password it just store your e-mail as per Liveurlifehere-tools privacy-policy.

That password not easy to remember but secure for your account.Beyond this if your are using other strong password generator tool that generate strong password which is easy to remember that is not actually strong that is because that tool have a process flow chart by which any one can guess your password by your name put on that & generate just like that other password.

So use this tool & suggest your improvement in tool.



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