Top 10 IT Software Companies in USA 2016

Top 10 IT Software Companies in USA 2016 : United states is the largest hub of information technology.All over the word it company based from united states either biggest Microsoft, google, Facebook etc.. or any small it firm.If we look list of America’s best Employers then google is on the top of the list.It company are smartest work place for human beings these days.It companies play important role in America economy.Due to these it company job recession down & so much more job seekers get employment in it sector.Silicon valley in san Francisco California is only known for this it sector there is the base of largest firm of it. we recently write article on top it companies in India and Best it company in the world . if you check out the list of world best it companies then you will find 6 out of 10 company from USA . So lets take a look on top 10 it software company in USA .

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Top 10 IT Software Companies in USA 2016

  1. Microsoft : The big giant Microsoft is rank no.1 in USA as well in all over world . the Company has revenue of $95 billion as of 2015 . Microsoft have a wide range of products like Windows (OS)  ,Office ,Skype Visual Studio ,Azure(OS), Xbox etc.
  2. Oracle : Oracle is software and hardware based US company . In 2011 it is the second largest software company after Microsoft . Current Revenue of Oracle is $38 Billion . Oracle makes Database Development software they have their own DBMS called oracle database.
  3. IBM :  Initially IBM is hardware company they build Computers. But now its more Software and Consultancy service provider . IBM total revenue is $90 Billion . it is very old company founded on 1911 .
  4. Symantec : Symantec is it company that develop software and provide services for them . they focus on software  related to  security, storage, backup and availability .
  5. VMWare :  VMWare is top cloud and virtualization software provider in the world founded in 1998 .  In 2014 Revenue of VMWare is $6 billion.
  6. CA Technologies :  Computer Associates International technologies is one the largest Software company that develop independent software.  In 2014 , CA revenue is  $4.5 Billion.
  7. Adobe : Adobe is Known for his Software product like Photoshop ,PDF etc. The company founded in 1982 and as of 2014 Adobe Revenue is $4.1 Billion.
  8. Hewlett-Packard(HP) : Hewlett-Packard(HP) is US based  information technology company. It has wide range of hardware and software products. In 2014 Revenue of HP is $111 Billion but its includes all products . In software field revenue is less than $4 billion. In software mainly it provide cloud service.
  9. Red Hat : Red Hat Inc. Provide open source software products. One of the famous product of Red hat is Linux (a open source operating system)
  10. Intuit : Intuit is a US based software company which develop software related to finance and tax . They also develop a  personal finance programs called  Quicken . Revenue of Intuit in 2013 is $4 billion .

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These above are top 10 best company in USA with their revenue per year


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