Five Unique Ways to Use Your Micro Projector

Projectors are well known around the world for guaranteeing a home theatre like experience to users. Thus, you can sit back at home and enjoy watching TV shows and films sitting on your couch without any complications. However, is that all that you can do with your little micro projector? The micro projector has endless portability and functionality that is never going to disappoint you.

Five Unique Ways to Use Your Micro Projector

Here we present you five unique ways of using your Mini projector in the best possible way.

Musical Light Show

Using the MusicBeam software, you can use your micro projector to create a laser for your entertainment. You can also adjust every minute detail of the laser show using the open source software. The software initially offers some free shows that you can project anytime you want. However, you have to pay some bucks to get more laser shows. You can connect your laptop to your micro projector to make full use of MusicBeam. The software is compatible with almost all kind of operating systems.

Shadow Puppet Show

This is one of the best things I like to do with my micro projector. You can opt for a white background and use the light emitted by the projector to make shadow puppets using your hands.

Create a Whiteboard

You can use your micro projector and utilize it to create an interactive Whiteboard. Use a Wiimote, infrared LED light, and that’s it, you got yourself an alluring whiteboard!

Gaming Use

Instead of explaining this, I’d request you to challenge your friend to a gaming race. Connect the projector to your laptop or console, launch Need for Speed and live the race instead of playing it. Trust me; it’s worth it!

Stream Movies

Instead of using memory devices for projecting video content on the big screen, use the Android OS that is usually inbuilt in micro projectors to stream Latest favorite movies and video content via YouTube, Miracast or any other streaming application.

From Musical Light Shows to Making a Whiteboard, you can do a lot of things using your micro projector. Though, is this the end? Can you only do five unique things with your micro projector? Absolutely not. The world is an endless well of creativity. You can do a lot more things using your micro projector. Share what unique thing you can do with your micro projector in the comments section and let every one of us try it out too!


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