forbidden you dont have permission to access on this server


forbidden: you don’t have permission to access on this server is a 403 error in my website comes when i make mistake in my homepage directory file. htaccess (Before going to edit this file you must read here). htaccess file is directory redirection file that means by this file domain get permission to access files in directories. In some server like ipage you may get htaccess editor to edit this file.First lets have tutorial on ipage hosting htaccess editor.

  1. Go to your Control panel.
  2. Now go to additional tools. and there click on htaccess editor
  3. Now click on default page
  4. Here you see default directories file name like index.html, index.php.
  5. If there is no file name then write these file name there and save.
  6. Refresh your site and your site is ready.


Now if you are not using ipage then go to your control panel and find htaccess editor and follow these step. If there is not then directly edit htaccess file by read this post >> 

Or change there your default file name like-index.php/index.html.


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