How to Download and Install Android 4.4 KitKat for PC

Hello Friends In This Tutorial  We tell You methods to how to download and install Android version 4.4 KitKat on the PC so just follow our steps.


Minimum Requirements Android X86

1.Processor–1 GHz
2.RAM — 1Gb
3.There should be no Linux distribution installed because it does not work if GRUB is the default boot

Necessary Downloads

1.Android Installer — Click Here
2. .NET Framework 4.0 (You need to run the Installer Android)
3. The Android 4.4 ROM for PC  Click Here or KiKat R1

Steps For Installing Android KitKat  for PC

1.Start The Android Android installer
2.We click on the ISO button and select where we indicate this ISO
3.Select the drive where you want to install Android
4.and assign the memory space we want for Android
5.Finally, Click the Install Now button.
At the end we will see the message “Installation complete” at this time we click the “OK” button and restart
the restart will see a menu where you can choose to start with Android we select the second menu we choose the first option “Android” and observe the boot animation of Android KitKat, and we welcome the Android menu.

Uninstalling Android to PC

1.Uninstalling Android PC is easy to we start button and search for programs and files write to uninstall a program.
2.choose the Android program and we click on the Uninstall button
3.If for some reason after making continuous uninstallation menu appears, we take the following steps:
4.Right click on computer/properties / advanced system settings / Startup and Recovery click the Settings button and disable display list of operating systems
5.Then go to computer and went to the drive “C: \>” where we install Android KitKat and delete the Android folder

Tips to enjoy more Android  KitKat on PC

1.Disable automatically turn on the quick settings bar
2.In the same bar quick settings, we can turn off the Android
3.Prevent Android off the screen in settings / Display / Sleep / After never time out of inactivity and install Rotation Manager – Control

Download Android Apps

2. 1Mobile Market
3. Amazon apps
and we can download the apk Google Play copying the URL into APK Downloader

Warnings and Precautions

1.Not having any previous installation of Android on the hard disk
2.It is always recommended to back up the information you do not want to miss
3.Responsible for installing any operating system is to the end user, Byte Project is not responsible for misuse of the information contained herein.
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