How to share a link on Facebook all groups by 1 click

Share a link or post on#facebook group by single click is so simple now , i have make a tool by which you can share any of link to all facebook friends &#groups by just one click. Facebook is most used website for social marketing & traffic generation . We Share Lots Of  Things On Facebook  So Today I Am Going To Tell You A Tool That Share Your URL Or Post To Multiple Group This Tools Is Very Useful For Blogger Because They Need To Publish Their Article On Facebook To Different Group.


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Tool snapshot

Current Insight
link shared — 85,000+ till

Daily uses : 300 people daily use this tool.

We named this tool as facebook multipost share tool.You can find this tool in our tools directory  Liveurlifehere Tools As tool designed so people don’t have any kind of restriction.We make this tools for specially web owner ,blogger or any other who get traffic on their website by facebook but don’t have time to share one by one on facebook groups.By this tool you can share link to your all or selected friends.If you have not using this tool till you must use because this is free for everyone.We make this tool by using facebook API & facebook app.

Features of tools

  • Most common & useful feature is one click share
  • Any link  from the web can share
  • You can get what people share on this tool on tool timeline
  • You can get what you share last day by this tool >my links
  • Well designed with profile pic.
  • Simple for uses but have help centre.
  • Your integration with other web links that shared by this tool

 How to use this tool

  1. Go to our tools directory > Liveurlifehere tools
  2. Select facebook multi post share tool
  3. This required login so you need to login from our website
  4. Now after login you go to tool directly.
  5. On the front page you put link in the input bar
  6. Now click submit link > then share on facebook
  7. This open a popup window where you select groups,friend where you want to share on facebook
  8. After share you can check your facebook groups where you share the link

This Is Not Thats Why I Post This Article This Is Why Because It is very Beneficial Of Me and You Too I suppose.Because I Need To Go to The Every Page on Every Group Then Paste the Link There and  post So Its Quite difficult For Me And This Tools Realy Help Me a Lot.
In This Tool First You Have To enter Your URL And Click Submit After Submit Click On Share Button Currently You Have to enter the name Of  The Group in which you want To post Your Article.We are  Currently Working For More Development Of this tools After That We give You the list Of Your All Group And You Can Choose From That Menu.So Goto To This Link And Bookmark it into Your Browser to Share Your post on facebook to all group


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