How to operate window 8 & 7 and window Xp when mouse is not working

By:- Aman yadav
Hello everyone , Today i find a new way of operating window 8 when my mouse is not work properly . I use this trick last time when i use Window Xp, today when again my mouse is not working i remember this, Now i use window 8 and this trick is also working in window 8 . If you know this then well and good if not the i will tell you how to work with this . You press your Left shift+alt key in your keyboard then a window open like this

and press enter you see in your try icon . This icon ON/OFF with numlock and mouse work.

You operate your computer by moving cursor with the help of key 2, 4, 8, & 6 and 5 for the click key and for right click you have already key (left of right ctrl).
I Show you keyboard functioning key on the keyboard , I hope you like this.


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