Top Expensive Hotel Suites in the World

Top Expensive Hotel Suites in the World:You are searching for either top 10 Expensive or top 10 beautiful Hotel suites in the world then it is not sure that you get write information from that website because if you see price of Royal penthouse suite is different on different sites like CNN,NYPOST,Yahoo etc.. but after getting Top 10 Expensive Hotel Suites in the World list from there we verify actual 1 night cost of each hotel .

A visit to a luxurious and beautiful place can definitely refresh your mind and body and give you some beautiful memories to cherish throughout your life.  It will give you a good break from your monotonous work routine and give you several enchanting memories to take along with you.  In this article, we have shared a list of the expensive hotel suites that are power packed with luxury and lavish services.  Lets have a quick glance at them.

  1. Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson, Geneva:- Bill Gates, Rihanna, and Bill Clinton are some of the visitors who have stayed here. It is considered as one of the most costliest lodging rooms on the planet. It is spread across 19,376-square-foot and includes four rooms, 12 marble bathrooms, a pool room, an “illustrious meeting room,” . The outside yard of the penthouse offers adjacent viewpoints of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps. A night stay at this marvelous suite would cost you around CHF 60,000 that is $65,216 or 41,55998 INR.06-ImperialLiving
  2. Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons Hotel in NYC:- Staying at this luxurious hotel would cost you around $45,000 per night. The construction of this luxurious hotel took around seven years and $50 million to get it completed.  You can head down on the 18th century Japanese silk pillows and get a serene sleep.21
  3. Hilltop Estate , Laucala Islesort, Fiji:- Red Bull tremendously rich person-‘Dietrick Mateschitz’ had acquired this private habitation from media magnate Malcolm Forbes and transformed it into a resort with 25 superluxe manors with each. It accompanies a private gourmet expert, a babysitter, a servant, cleaning administrations, and surrounding perspectives of Fiji. Staying at this outstandingly amazing hotel would cost you $40,000 per night.845745-5a6a0ade-3fe7-11e3-8308-a963aeaf7bd4
  4. Hotel Plaza Anthenee, Paris:- Marie-José Pommereau, the renowned worldwide interior fashioner and prime supporter of the French release of Architectural Digest, totally remodeled the Royal Suite two years prior. Presently, the biggest inn room in Paris highlights stylistic theme from the 18th-century Régence period matched with current comforts. The three-room suite highlights reflects that cover TVs, a steam room with a Jacuzzi, and three rich family rooms.  You would require spending $40,000 for spending a night here.002795-04-Hotel-Plaza-Athenee---Junior-Suite-Prestige-214---HR---(c)-Eric-Laignel-3 (1)
  5. Penthouse at Cannes Hôtel Martinez, France:- It offers perspectives of the Lérins Islands and Cannes Bay that very few get the opportunity to see. Be that as it may, the perspective has just been improved with the private steward, the accessible as needs be auto, the Art Deco-propelled silk furniture, and the five-star sustenance. It would cost you around $37,000 to spend a night.496733024909hotel6
  6. Regis Presidential Suite, New York. This 3,430-square-foot space incorporates two rooms, a cutting edge kitchen, a fantastic wood-framed library, stunning perspectives of Central Park, 24-hour English steward administration, and utilization of the inn’s Bentley Mulsanne.  Staying in this marvelous hotel for a night would cost you around $
  7. Connaught Apartment, London:– The apartment is London’s most adventurous hotel suite.  It was designed by a prestigious decorator David Collins. It is basically a bone and blue space specially designed for those who  have discrete lifestyles.  To take the hospitality to the next level,  you would be accompanied by a barman who keeps Krug Champagne on ice, a personal chauffeur and the clock butler service.  You need to spend $23,500 to spend a night in this marvelous place.2-luxury-london-hotel-connaught-mayfair




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