5 Websites at the Top of Affiliate Marketing Game

Are you thinking of earning money through affiliate marketing? Are you confused regarding the dynamics of the same? Worry not; this post is aimed at making your thoughts more clear.

I will share with you a thorough analysis of 5 affiliate marketing websites that have made it big and are generating huge revenues.

With this post, you will not only learn the strategies of the affiliate marketing, but you will also learn about implementing those strategies on your website and grow your business.

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Apart from the steps and the strategies, you will also learn about the key details of the websites and the subscribers of these websites. Their monetization strategies and their traffic gaining ideas are also listed here.

Here is Top of Affiliate Marketing Websites

#1. Lucielist.com

This website was registered in the year 2010 and today it is one of the best product review websites for baby products. What helped them achieve high ranks on some major and important keywords on their niche is their usage of silo structure.

Upon visiting the website, the customers are greeted with a newsletter subscription pop-up that not only asks for your email and name but also asks you to enter the birthdate of your child/children to receive relevant content from them.

Importantly, the website has a different content page and buying guides page for women who are on different stages of motherhood. This makes the website interactive and attracts more customers to buy the products.

The website also publishes valuable information and a product review relevant to the information. The content on the website is monetized with the help of affiliate links and e-books.

#2. thisiswhyimbroke.com

This popular website came into existence in 2019 and has garnered a lot of popularity for its unique idea. This niche website is the perfect example of high quality content and amazing marketing of that content. It is notorious for selling things that are viral and fun but have no use in the daily life.

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This website is designed keeping in mind the spilt second decision that people make while buying product. As soon as you open the website, you can start browsing the products listed on the website. The website has many links that redirect you to Amazon website with an affiliate code and other such sites.

The products listed on the website ranges from $0.75 to $200million (the Playboy Mansion). The products listed on the website are very interesting. They have affiliate links for most of their products if not all of them. Apart from this, you will also find big banners on the website of the daily deals of Amazon.

Thanks to good branding and marketing management, this niche website is quite an internet sensation. The website also media coverage that led to backlinks. Apart from SEO, this website uses other strategies of promotion and traffic generation.


#3. thewirecutter.com

Brian Lam, former editorial director of Gizmodo started this website in 2011.On this website; he publishes articles and posts about things that are ever-trending. What separates them from the lot is that they believe in in-depth analysis. They test the products thoroughly and write a review about the product. This helps in maintaining the authenticity of the website. This also helps the readers in buying the best products.

In October 2016, as per the reports of The New York Times, thewirecutter.com is said to have acquired $30,000,000 in cash.

This website is the perfect example of what a product review post should look like. Their intensive research helps them gain traffic.


The website ‘callout’ the best picks and then display the runner ups in-order to convey information to the people looking for quick access. To recommend the products on their websites, they also use in-content affiliate links.


#4. hostingadvice.com

This website is another hosting review website following the trends and the tradition of creating long term evergreen contents. Customers and potential buyers can find guides on hosting especially people who are searching for assistance on blogs.

The content on the website is relevant and informative and gives complete information on particular topics and multiple links too. It also has a ‘How to’ category with various articles to guide the viewers by providing complete information.

The website produces number of ‘best of’ lists with informative reviews. A lot of traffic of the website is generated by the in-depth information. Credibility and trust factor is added by the homepage and the sidebar on the website.

#5. outdoorgearlab.com

OGL was started in 2010 and is one of the most trusted and popular website for outdoor related products and reviews. They pick the best product out of the lot and recommend them to the audience with the relevant details. Like ‘thewirecutter.com’, they also test the products.

The feel of the website is somewhat like an e-commerce website with various categories. Upon clicking on a product you can compare different products in the category. They have a tabulated format that compares the prices of different sellers and below the table the links are provided to buy the item.

They just don’t follow a single affiliate partner but have links from six retailers. They also used ads to generate revenue.

The listed websites are affiliate websites with particular niches following the authority site model. Incorporating affiliate link in website does not guarantee revenue; you also have to provide reliable information.


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